Top Tips to Develop Number Sense

Having a good grasp of number is vital for a student’s mathematical understanding as number underpins all aspects of the mathematics curriculum. Students need to develop a good number sense, from an early age to understand numbers and number relationships in order to solve mathematical problems in everyday life, as well as in their schoolwork.

Number topics include the four number operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as place value and algebra. Helping to get your children proficient in early number skills will be a huge support and lay the foundation for their progression to more advanced mathematics topics and concepts.

Number understanding can prove tricky for many students if they are moved on too quickly before grasping the basics, and apps can provide a great interactive and self-directed way to practise key number concepts for a variety of ages and abilities. There are some very nifty number applications that help your child master number. Here are our recommended number apps, along with tips on using them with your child or student:

1) Perfect Place Value:  Understanding the value of each digit (component number) within each number is one of the most common problems facing children’s progression when is comes to maths mastery. If numbers are not made relevant, fun and interactive then place value can remain a big sticking point for kids. Zero Our Hero is a great app which includes over 450 different questions specifically designed to address common student misconceptions in whole number place value.

2) A1 Algebra: Although many of us might remember algebra as being confusing and irrelevant, the DragonBox Algebra 5+ app (reviewed above) makes it fun and appealing. It is a presented as a fun game that requires kids to solve different puzzles that require them to collect, cancel and balance terms. Students are introduced to different algebraic rules as they unlock more levels and are guided through step by step. It is a great game for parents to play along with their kids or students to freshen up their own math skills too!

3) Ace addition and subtraction: It is important to nurture addition and subtraction skills through a number of techniques, such as the using visual aids like counters, blocks or objects, revising number bonds (pairs of numbers to 10 such as 7 & 3); word problems; as well as mastering written methods like column addition and subtraction. A great app – which covers all these aspects – is Addition and Subtraction with its easy-to-follow steps to simplify learning. It’ll make practising at home or school, much easier!

4) Marvellous Multiplication: Although times tables can (and should) be learnt by rote, having a firm understanding of the concept of multiplication – right from a student’s first introduction to multiplication – is so important. Being able to . Multiplication by DayDream Education helps students understand multiplication as repeated addition, building up through written methods to long multiplication, as a progression to multiplication mastery. It is an award-winning app that works as a teaching tool as well as a way for students to test themselves and the app also tracks and assesses progress in learning. Wow!

5) Division Defence: Division is the hardest number operation for young students to master and is the ‘inverse’ – or opposite – of multiplication. Help your child become dynamic at division using the 5-star Division App. It covers the initial concepts of simple division then builds through to remainders, dividing by powers of ten and long division with decimal answers. The app includes a wide variety of activities, animations and assessments to support teaching and learning. Your top defence when it come to division disconnect!

Have fun discovering our #1 number apps for your kids and students!

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