New School Year Mental Prep for Teachers

Mental Health Stigma Presentation

As the summer comes to a close, so does the (seemingly) brief hiatus for teachers. There is a collective sigh of angst, as many teachers prepare for the start of the academic year.

No more lay-ins (if your sleeping patterns ever return to normal, that is) but late afternoons, evenings & nights spent marking papers. No more of a semblance of a social life. Back to the wild and wonderful world of classrooms & unruly pre-teens, teens and otherwise. This change can be – and often times is – quite an onslaught to the weary but inspired teacher.

As important as physical tool prep is, the successful teacher will devote a similar amount of time to sharpening their mental tools, as it were. A lot of time will be spent being tested emotionally, psychologically and intellectually. And the prepared teacher will never be 100% there, but can always prepare as best as they can.

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