New Perspective on Education, via Technology


Education technology.


The buzzword of the moment seems to be on everyone’s lips.


It has become almost cliche, as we take for granted sometimes our access to technology and learning.


However, not all learner’s have the luxury. Anxious expectation of the future of educational technology is a feeling only some are privy to (although, we’re doing our bit to try and change this).


A lot of 3rd world communities cannot look forward to the educational future of their learner’s with as much promise as the other half of the world does. A canoe trip through a jungle is a daily occurrence and more common for some children than the sight of a tablet or even smart phone.Therefore, bringing ed tech to a underprivileged community is a mission that is vital for the future of global education and our increasing communion through technology.


Find out HERE how a remote school in Malaysia were given a digital breakthrough in their education.


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