Magical Music Apps to Aid Learning

Music is a powerful and effective way to engage children and music is universally a positive force for learning! It’s a shame that music education has been squeezed from many schools but there are ways to bring music into the home in some unique and creative ways, using apps!

Here are our top apps tips, with app recommendations for making musical magic in your home:

1) Maths and Music: There is a distinct connection between Mathematics and Music – with both having patterns and structures at their core – and one of the most creative (and successful) ways we have seen these subjects being merged is through times table app Maths Rockx. It’s times tables learning as you’ve never seen it before! It’ll get the whole family dancing along to the times tables!

2) Music, the Universal Language: Music has the power to transcend language and bring people together. It also has the capacity to help with language learning through the use of rhythm, rhyme and catchy tunes. There are a few language learning apps which combine music and linguistics but one of the best for appealing to younger learners is FunSongs. It combines actions songs with expanding English vocabulary and is great for learning English as an Additional Language or for young learners expanding their vocabulary.

3) Establishes Emotional Connections: Music has the power to arouse emotions and feelings and music gives all of us the ability to unwind and de-stress. When music is coupled with story it a win-win and the Rockford series of app-based operas provide a magical way to help kids (and their parents!) unwind. All 4 have received 5-stars and are well worth downloading.

4) Helps Develop Phonemic Awareness: Phonological awareness is an auditory skill which needs to be developed from an early age. Not to be confused with phonics, it’s the ability to distinguish between sounds within language and is linked with successful reading and writing. There are some fabulous apps which link music and reading in order to help children make connections between sounds and words. One of the best we have come across is Boj – Musical Mayhem.

5) Fascination with the Orchestra: Children are naturally inquisitive when it come to the instruments of the orchestra. They love to get hands-on with making music, identifying sounds and understanding sections of the orchestra. Apps such as My First Orchestra App are a super aid for getting kids interacting with instruments, in a digital capacity.

Good luck with having some musical fun in your home or school!

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