10 Options for Providing Support for Your Educational App

Developing an educational app is a strategic venture that's continuously growing in today’s digitized learning environment. The challenge, however, lies in cultivating an engaging and user-friendly platform. Crucial to this is providing diverse and accessible options for support. 

Be it through quick, responsive live chats or interactive social media channels, successful support maintains user satisfaction and facilitates their learning. This article delves into methods to bolster your educational app through pivotal support systems tailored to your student's needs.

10 Options for Providing Support for Your Educational App

User experience is incredibly important for your students, and one way to improve this is by offering support from all angles. Here’s how to offer support for your educational app.

1. Make App Content Available on Desktop

Only 30% of people consume educational content on their mobile devices. If you want to provide support to the other 70%, you need to make your content accessible through desktop. If you provide multiple ways to learn, your students will feel more supported and valued.

2. Offer Live Chat and Chatbot Support 

Operated in real time, live chats allow for person-to-person interaction, while chatbots can handle multiple basic queries simultaneously. Both options enhance user experience by tackling issues instantaneously and preventing frustration caused by potential pauses in learning.

3. Try Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services

IVRs are automated telephone systems that interact with callers, gather information, and route calls to the appropriate recipient. Deploying IVR in your educational app could expedite the problem-solving process and maintain user engagement effectively, even during peak hours. 

4. Get a Toll-Free Customer Service Number

Getting a toll-free number is a great move if your educational app services people from all over the globe. A toll-free number is completely free for the customer, meaning they won’t experience fees when they call. This makes your app more accessible and available to your students. 

5. Have a Support Email for App Users

A dedicated support email provides a direct line of communication where users can detail problems encountered during their learning journey. It's handy in addressing complex issues, giving you the opportunity to offer comprehensive solutions and enhance user experience.

6. Record Demos and Knowledge Videos

Demos and knowledge videos are visuals that can help illustrate complex processes and provide practical, step-by-step guidance. Videos draw on multiple senses to enhance understanding, offering a great way to answer common queries and boost user involvement.

7. Create a Community Through Forums

Forums are an excellent facility for peer-to-peer interaction, allowing users to brainstorm solutions to common challenges and deepen their understanding. Forums not only serve as cost-effective support but also inspire improvements through feedback and suggestions. 

8. Provide Social Media Support

Platforms like Facebook or Twitter offer avenues for quick, direct interactions with users in familiar spaces. Here, you can readily address queries while also promoting your app's newest features. It builds user confidence and strengthens your educational app's visibility and reach.

9. Write a Well-Stocked FAQ Page

By addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs), users can find quick answers and tackle minor issues independently, saving them time in the long run. An intuitive FAQ section not only eases customer experience but also reduces the load on your other support resources.

10. Walk-in Departments (If Applicable) 

If your organization scales to the extent where it's feasible, consider establishing walk-in departments. With staff on hand to cater to more complex queries or help navigate the app on a personal level, an in-person service could enhance user satisfaction and maintain engagement.

Creating an educational app is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in providing adequate support to ensure a smooth, positive user experience. Deliberate and comprehensive support helps resolve user issues, inspires confidence, and promotes engagement with your app. 

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