The digital generation, microlearning, and user-generated content go together like bread, peanut butter and jelly. Just like an information cafeteria where users can choose and pick exactly what attracts them and consume as little or as much content as they want.

Generation Z comprises the individuals born between 1995 and 2010 and they are anticipated to represent 36% of the workforce worldwide by 2020. Generation Z and millennials are both termed as digital natives and are already predicted to turn out to be the most diverse, and educated generation of employees till now.

This digital generation will profoundly impact the current learning environment. The comfort and reliance on technology are the ultimate traits of Gen Z’ers. Moving with the latest trends in the instructional design industry, Gen Z’ers may favor online learning, social media learning, and microlearning models over traditional learning.

Digital natives want an on-demand and customized system of learning. Generation Z is not only technically savvy but also assumes technology to be merged into how they learn and how they work. Such expectations of Gen Z line up with the modern trends in the industry of developing content on mobile applications like Learnie (mylearnie.com).

The content must not only be mobile friendly but also visually engaging and fully functional on any device which learners choose for reaching the information. Microlearning is the trend that helps with the mobile-centric approach of the members of Generation Z by providing small bite-sized learning opportunities. Bite-sized, spaced and reinforced learning is what they want to consume.


Microlearning and user-generated accommodate mobile-centric attention spans of Digital Natives

Gen Z assumes technology to be the dynamic component of learning and development. The technology can’t be imagined without a smartphone or other cool devices. According to the IBM report Uniquely Generation Z , more than 75% of members of Gen Z favor the use of smartphones over other devices.

Allow on-demand learning at any time

In this advanced age of immediate gratification, it is not surprising to know that Generation Z requires access to information on-demand. They were raised parallel to the growth of Netflix and Youtube.

Many members of Generation Z want to learn something interesting and new, something that is not always on the internet. Such learning opportunities can be both formal and informal.

Don’t think that this formal way of learning involves prolonged classroom lectures or online manuals available on smartphones. Mentoring, coaching or formal class content in a new framework or experience is something that can make them happy and excited to learn new things.

However, the ‘killer app’ for Gen Z learners is about user-generated content that provides a learning experience where they can have a learning experience where they can actively participate in the learning process.

Supports practical and realistic learning

Similar to other generations, Gen Z also wants relevant and practical content in their training program. But there is a difference, Gen Z wants it instantly, they want it engaging, customized, and technically innovative. That is why many members of Gen Z give preference to handy learning activities and social learning.

Microlearning is an inclusive tool for cross-generational education as we continue to embrace the new normal. Anyone who has a smartphone and a willingness to share and learn can take advantage of the latest technologies that really support people learning from each other.


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Reference: Uniquely Generation Z – IBM report: https://www.ibm.com/downloads/cas/9PPL5YOX

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