Top Tips for Using Measuring Apps for Math and Science

Measure – simply put – is the ‘giving a of a number to a characteristic (or aspect) of an object or event, so it can be compared with other objects or events’. This could include length, weight (mass), area, volume (capacity), time, money and area. Having a good grasp of measure is integral to every students’ mathematical understanding, from an early age. And, crucial to the process, is their exposure to the different mathematical words and phrases related to the different measurement processes.A good understanding and practical use of measurement is also crucial to the subject of science and there are many areas where maths and science overlap when is comes to the topic of measure.

Apps offer great interactive resources for you make measurement fun and interactive for your students or children. There are some marvellous measurement applications that help them get to grips with the different aspects of this vital mathematical topic. Here are our recommended measurement apps, along with tips on using them at home or in the classroom:

1) Terrific Time Telling: Telling the time is a key concept for both home and school, and an everyday life skill that is crucial for personal organisation. Using Zcooly Time Ranch, test your child daily on their time telling using both analogue and digital clocks. Using the app children will love collecting exotic animals on the Time Ranch and it provides incentives which add to interest and will encourage engagement. It’s suitable for ages 5-11.

2) Making Money Count: Kids love any activity that involves money! Having a good understanding of the concept of money, and how to spend wisely comes into the subjects of Mathematics as well as Personal and Social learning. Show Me The Money explores how money has changed through the ages, how banknotes have been produced and protected against forgery. It also covers how credit cards were born and much more. This app offers a great way to open up discussions about money, and how to spend wisely!

3) Measuring for Success: Measure is an area of curriculum where math and science come together. Without a good understanding and practical ability to carry out measurements – estimating and recording what they find – practical science investigations are compromised. Kids Measurement Science is a super app to help kids learn to analyse the physical world by measuring across a variety of domains – time, size, weight and money. Check your child’s understanding in real life contexts such as cooking and baking. You can cook up some fun together, and practise measuring in the process!

4) Understanding Area and Volume: Area and volume is a topic that lends itself really well to apps. A great tool to put area and volume into practice is Xr Area. The app takes the student through a steady progress of demonstrating a concept and allowing them to complete a number of problems to practice that concept. There is plenty of help within the app along the way if an incorrect answer is given. It encourages the student to go over again the work they have done before, in order to practise the concepts they have learnt.

5) Length, Mass and Capacity…sorted: Practice makes perfect when is comes to being able to read off a scale, compare different measurements and estimate weights and lengths. Doodle Maths (with its full math curriculum coverage) include practical questions for all areas of mass, capacity and length, with some great interactive and visual tools to assist students too. It’s a comprehensive maths programme for all your mathematical needs.

Have fun discovering marvellous measurement apps!

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