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Hi, I’m Charlotte Reed and I’m the creator and illustrator of May The Thoughts Be With You, an educational app which originally started out as my self-published book. The book and app are full of my own, positive thoughts and messages to hopefully inspire you and I’ve illustrated them with friendly and fun drawings to make you smile too!

When I started selling the book at London’s Portobello Road market in the summer of 2013, I was completely taken aback by how many children were asking their parents to buy it for them. I’d actually created the book for adults as the ideas and messages I was conveying were quite complex, but children seemed undoubtedly drawn to the colourful illustrations I’d done. When I asked the children if they understood what the drawings and messages were all about, there was a resounding ‘yes’ as their response.

It quite fazed me but delighted me too as it meant my work was able to inspire children too. I will never forget one little girl saying to me as she stopped by my stall with her mother, “Excuse me miss, could you please send your book to my headmaster to read? I know he will like it and then he might buy it for everyone in my school to read too!” I smiled and asked the girl’s age. She was nine. She then went on to inform me that pupils as young as six had philosophy lessons in her school and the book would be perfect for them to study.

That little encounter warmed my heart… and then something else, and equally as nice, started to happen. Day by day teachers would pass by my stall and buy the book. They weren’t just teachers from UK schools but from schools all over the world; Japan, China, Korea, Spain, Italy, Denmark, France, New Zealand. It seemed these teachers had one thing in common; that they were going to use my book as a learning tool for their pupils to know how to believe in themselves, how to go for their dreams, how to treat others nicely and how to feel happier etc. They said they would be using a thought each morning in the classroom as a goal to work towards and a focus for each day. I was also selling mounted prints taken from the book on my stall and teachers bought these as well to decorate their classroom walls and remind their pupils to think more positively. It was such a compliment to discover that teachers deemed my work educational. My book is not about maths or science but it is about joy, love and happiness and if I can help towards teaching those things in school then I’m sold!

Children instinctively know how to be happy. They are born full of joy, confidence and wonder but it’s life’s experiences that often changes them and makes them doubt their potential. However, if we can reassure children and encourage them from the start to be all they can be in life then they will hopefully grow into happy, well-rounded adults.

And so I’ll finish this post with a very apt thought taken from my book “If you’re having trouble living in the moment and being fully present, try hanging out with some wise gurus and present moment practitioners, otherwise known as children!”

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