World Book Day is a great way to get kids and parents fired-up about stories, books and reading. It can be a great spring-board for creative activities which can bring a new dimension to stories in the home.

Nurturing a love of story is something the EAS team is really passionate about and we have first hand experience of how app-based stories can be so powerful, and so we’ve come up with some ideas about how you can bring World Book Day from school into your home using story book apps.
1. Compare a classic tale with a digital version. How do the illustrations, interactions and user experience compare with the original print-based version?
2. Help your child create a classic tale of their own using a story creator tool such as Special Stories.
3. Listen to an app-based audio tale (such as The Alice App) every day next week and ask your child to imagine the characters and setting, predicting what will happen in the next instalment! They’ll love having special time with you too!
4. Compare your reading and story habits (from when you were young) with those of your child’s. Include books vs digital or app-based stories, or accessing stories on radio vs TV and internet. It’ll be interesting to see how story habits have changed in a generation, and it’ll open up a great discussion!!
5. If your child (or children) is dressing up as a storybook character, you could have a discussion about what you would have chosen. What your favourite character was. Children LOVE to hear about things their parents enjoyed when they were little.
world book dayHave fun and enjoy World Book Day from all of us at EAS!

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