Make Your Students Life-Long Readers


Our teachers agree that they try to instil a bit for reading in all of their students so that they become active domestic readers rather than the type readers that just read because they have been forced to as part of school-work.

One of the best things that our teachers say they do is to get kids into the habit of reading 10-30 minutes a day in the classroom. Setting time to read in class motivates students to do more out of it at home.

A)     One of our teachers comments that she likes to promote “dead-time” reading so that students never waste time, talking or just waiting-around. For example, if there are visitors at the door, the phone rings or there is technology glitch students can just get out their books/tablets/smartphones and start reading. When the kids are on a school trip and they are waiting around on the train platform, you can also encourage them to read.

B)      Share reading experiences. Tell your students about what you’ve been reading so that it becomes a natural conversation topic.  You can also share your books and ask for feedback to see whether students agree with your own opinions. Goodreads is a great app to share your reading activities.

C)      Organize events around reading. For example,  a Read-a-Thon, Book Clubs.  Field Trips so tht kids have fun around the general activity of reading.

D)     You can also get kids to listen to audio books as children will develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

E)      Another great idea is for students to see the connection between the creation of reading materials and history, politics and society.

The great thing about mobile devices is that we are always carrying them around and can take them out at a second’s notice in order to… not browse- but, get reading!

Here are a few of the apps that have been EAS Certified and which we think are the best for encouraging reading:

News-O-Matic  covers relevant news of the day in an engaging way, exploring its many facets through images, maps, videos and games.  So whether your pupils are interested in sports, science or wacky events, News-O-Matic delivers content that will be.

Bio-Interactive Earthviewer is like a time machine for exploring Earth’s deep history. Based on the latest scientific research, it lets you scroll through the last 4.5 billion years. Although the app is focused on Science and Geography, it provides a great opportunity for going beyond traditional literature topics and widening reading materials.

TED and TED Books are  fantastic app for students to widen their vocabulary, to understand how arguments are constructed and to relate reading materials with history, politics and society

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