How to Limit the Age Ratings Played on Gaming Consoles

In my last blog I talked about young children accessing 18+ games such as the notorious Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto series.

Teenagers in particular think they are really cool games to play and we have our work cut out trying to convince them otherwise. is a site created with the UK’s main Internet and Mobile Service Providers who are members of UKCCIS (the UK Council for Child Internet Safety) This interactive guide takes you to a page with the frame of a house populated with digital and online devices.

Internet Matter Parental Control

Internet Matter Parental Control 2

You can then click on the games consoles icon, and then the specific gaming device you have at home. The site then simply shows you how to set your device to cap the age limit of games.

I use this site with parents all the time and every single mum, dad, grandparent, carer is relieved to know there is help out there and they are grateful for knowing about it.

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