Do you know what your children are playing online?

If not ask them.

I work in a number of schools each week. When with teachers I set them ‘homework’. I ask them to set aside some time in class to talk together with their children about the games they play when they are not at school; noting the issues that arise and any concerns. This helps to identify cybersafety issues.

Most recently a head emailed me…

My teachers have been asking their children what computer games they are playing at home and they are shocked!

We have a clutch of boys who appear to be re-enacting games in the playground and a parent who has admitted to letting his 7 year old play Call of Duty (he says he waited a while!)


I remember a friend telling me about how she let her son go on a sleepover when he was 7 and the same thing happened at his friend’s house. The boys gained access to Dad’s 18 rated violent games and she was horrified when her son returned home bragging about it and felt awkward how to broach the subject with the boy’s mum.

Parents, friends, heads need to share this information so together we can find out the best way to stop this from happening.  If you have 18 rated video games or DVD’s in your home how accessible are they to your children? Do you play these games in front of your children?

The best place for video game parental advice is

Age rating advice is available here:

Children need to know that there’s a reason why these games are rated 18.


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