Keeping Your 6-9 Year Old Safe Online


Welcome to the second in a series of blogs featuring advice from a new eSafety awareness campaign for parents – Internet Matters.

Today the spotlight is on 6-9 year old digital natives, born into the digital world, naturally using digital devices with a confidence that can be unnerving to adults.

*90% of children under 10 go online access the internet using a computer or laptop
*86% of 7-11’s use some form of online communication
*31% of 7-11’s said mean comments stop them enjoying time online

Source: Ofcom 2012 and Cybersafe Opinion Leader Report 2013

Early use of computer has been found to improve language skills and promote children’s social skills and creativity and once at school internet usage increases. But there are always risks to young children who may come across inappropriate content or begin to copy what older children do online.

Put yourself in control by installing parental control on your home broadband.

Agree boundaries be clear what your child can and can’t do online – where they can use the internet, how much time they can spend online, the sites they can visit and the information they can share. Agree with your child when they can have a mobile phone or tablet.

Stay involved put your family computer in a communal area like the lounge or kitchen so you can keep an eye on how they are using the internet and also share in their enjoyment.

Search Safely use safe search engines such as Swiggle or Kids-search. You can save time by adding these to your ‘Favourites’. Safe search settings can also be activated on Google and other search engines, as well as YouTube.

Explore together the best way to find out what your child is doing online is to ask them to tell you about what they do and what sites they like to visit. If they are happy to, ask them to show you.

Check if it’s suitable the age ratings that come with games, apps, films and social networks are a good guide to whether they’re suitable for your child. For example, the minimum age limit is 13 for several social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram. Although sites aimed at under-10s like Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin also have social networking elements.

Have fun!


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