Keep Your Kids Sharp All Summer Long With These Learning Tools

Summer brain drain is a real concern. All too often, kids spend their summers focused on outside play, family vacations, and recreational screen time. This certainly adds up to a fun time, but kids can lose skills they picked up in the previous school year. When they return to school, they’ve fallen behind. Not only do they struggle, but teachers do as well. Rather than covering new material, they must help students catch up. Eventually, students can fall chronically behind.

There’s a solution to this. Keep your kids sharp by engaging their minds with a variety of learning tools. These will help them to retain what they’ve learned and even gain some new competencies. We think kids do best with a combination of screen-based apps, and other learning tools. To get the most out of the rest of this summer, check out our recommendations.

Kids Monthly Coding Subscription Box 

Kids love getting stuff in the mail. Why not add some education to that thrill with a subscription to Bitsbox. This is a monthly, coding subscription for kids. Each month, your child will receive a new project to help them learn to code. Even better, they’ll begin to develop the critical thinking skills required to be a good coder.

Each new box focuses on a principle related to computer science. As kids learn, they are also building fun games and apps. So, they get the screen time they crave, but it serves a purpose! 

Tiggly Tales Word Building And Storytelling 

A CVC word is a word that contains a Consonant, a Vowel, and a Consonant. Bat, Cot, and Man are all CVC words. These are the first words that most young readers learn, and Tiggly Tales helps them to master them.

The game has great graphics, voice-over, and illustrations. It truly combines engaging gameplay with a worthwhile, educational experience. 

Musical Planets 

Musical planets is a quiz game that was created to help kids learn about the solar system. Kids who play the game learn the names and order of the planets, as well as other facts and figures. It offers engaging gameplay, impressive graphics, and rewards for students as they achieve.

Students can play using one of the premade characters, or they can make one of their own. Parents can set parameters through the parental controls menu. Finally, the app comes with a great storybook to accompany the gameplay. 

Learn With Thomas Alphaphonics

Learn With Thomas Alphaphonics is a fun tool for young learners to begin to learn lowercase and capital letters, and associate them with the appropriate sounds. The fact that this toy involves the beloved Thomas The Tank Engine makes it even better. Parents will be able to get kids to engage with this toy easily, thanks to its familiarity.

This game also offers kids a great variety. Even better, when they do well, your child will be rewarded with special songs and fun sound effects. 

Highlights For Children Top Secrets Adventures 

What if your child could spend the summer working on an independent project covering one of the following topics?

  • The Americas
  • Eastern Nations
  • Ancient Civilizations

The Top Secret Adventures kits from Highlights magazine contains everything a kid needs to learn all about a specific time and place. Each of these kits has a core mystery for kids to solve. They collect clues by finding hidden pictures, completing word searches, and working on puzzles and mazes.

Here’s the best part of all. Kids don’t simply learn about the subject matter, they also develop important research and analysis skills. 

Letter School

LetterSchool is another early learning app that allows students to master letters and numbers by tapping, tracing, learning its name, and listening to its sound. Each of the three games helps students to get more and more familiar, enabling them to get that much closer to literacy. The interface here is very simple, which helps kids to play independently. That can be a real God-send for parents. 

Little Passports World Subscription 

Little Passports is another fun subscription package for children. Young learners can choose from Science Expeditions, USA Edition, Early Explorers, and World Edition. Whatever subscription you choose, your child will receive a monthly box with all sorts of educational activities.

This is a great option for summer learning, but it’s also perfect for year-round educational enrichment. However, if you do prefer to focus on something just for summer, try the Summer Adventure packs! 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy isn’t just for adults who want to learn new skills. There are plenty of learning options for kids as well. Check out Khan Academy Kids! That’s an app for kids aged 2 through 6. There are options for older learners as well. Students can take single courses or series of courses on:

  • Math
  • Science And Engineering
  • Arts And Humanities
  • College Test Prep
  • Economics
  • College Admissions

Older students who take part in courses on college test prep and admissions can really get ahead of the game. If they choose to use a professional assignment writing service for their college applications, they will understand the application process that much better. 

Word Beach: Fun Spelling Games 

Word Beach is a simple, yet fun and effective way for students to practice their spelling skills. This word puzzle game helps students master the spelling of new words, to recognize spelling patterns, and to better understand how nonstandard words are spelled.

The game has a fun, tropical theme. Students can enjoy the beach motif, exotic music, and colorful pictures. Even better, hundreds of levels mean plenty of game time. 

A summer full of learning should have students engaged in both screen-based activities and those that don’t require electronics. We think the mixture of toys, apps, and project kits presented here are absolutely perfect!

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