The internet is being censored and here’s how you can overcome it

In the chaotic political climate that we currently live in, rife with identity politics and with the extremes of the traditional left and right wing making those in the middle more divided than ever, Big Government and Big Business are becoming increasingly interventionist.

2018 might as well be 1984 and the propaganda machine that is the internet is being censored and manipulated by Big Brother.

The establishment’s concerted effort to censor the internet started with taking down the websites of perceived easy targets, such as those of far-right extremists and others preaching unpalatable opinions.

That on its own might not be seen as a problem, after all, not allowing a platform for something that most people would generally view as hateful must be a good thing right? But censorship of any material, or any opinion online – no matter how far it is from we perceive to be good – is censorship of free speech.

And because one person’s opinion of what’s right is different from another’s, who gets to choose what’s censored and what isn’t? Who decides what qualifies as hate speech?

Who ultimately determines what’s right and what’s wrong? That’s where the establishment comes in.

After picking off the easy targets, it has not taken long for the pro-censorship powers that be in America and around the world to start censoring virtually everything they disagree with. This doesn’t just stop with racism and hate, but any material that doesn’t convey the political leanings of those in control.

Internet giants such as YouTube have banned advertising on conservative and left-wing channels and demonetized their videos, eliminating any potential revenue stream for the channel’s commentators.

Twitter has been deleting tweets and removing many accounts, particularly those sharing openly conservative or left-wing opinions. Facebook is becoming more openly political. Google has adjusted its search algorithms to filter out certain material.

The world is becoming increasingly Orwellian.

So how can people overcome internet censorship?

For most Internet users, a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be an effective way to bypass online censorship.

Connection to one of these networks will ensure that all traffic coming from your computer is redirected via the VPN.

For example, if you connect to a VPN situated in Hawaii then all of your network traffic will be redirected to Hawaii before it emerges, with replies sent to this server before being sent back to you.

With all this taking place across an encrypted connection – ensuring that all your network operator (and the establishment) can see is you’re sending data across a VPN. What they can’t see is your actual content.

There are free VPNs available, but like anything else if you want a connection that’s reliable and fast you’ll have to pay for it.

This review is of one of the fastest growing VPNs on the market and is known for its large server networks and fast speeds.

And the best news is that you can even connect to a VPN on your phone and the network will work with every app on it, which is great considering most people tend to surf the internet these days on your smartphone.

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