The Importance of quality Educational Apps


The quality of an educational app is a pivotal attribute in the ever progressing world of teaching and education, and it can add a great deal of value to the learner’s educational experience. The clichéd adage, ‘Quality over quantity’ has been overused, but quite deservedly so. An app and the educational app provider lacking quality content will be very limited in its outreach. This has been our focus here at Educational App Store, as we know how valuable an educational app with quality content is to any learner. The educational app market is very murky territory. Hundreds of thousands of apps are available to any learner on their preferred platform. In order to stand out, it is vital that the apps represent great value in terms of education.

The following reasons will show how quality content can benefit the learner:

Accelerated development

The way a student understands and processes information will vary depending on their cognitive learning styles. Having an app which can facilitate their learning style whilst taking into consideration the curriculum requirements will accelerate the learning process and as a result prove to be beneficial to the user. This further emphasizes how an app with quality content of the specific subject or module can help a learner obtain their goals much quicker.

Cognitive improvement
Perhaps one of the foremost benefits of an app with quality educational content is how much mental development it can bring about. Problem solving skills are important throughout our journeys from childhood to adulthood. An app with quality content can challenge a learner’s problem solving skills through the use of virtual rewards, incentives etc. that will motivate them to persist and continually develop themselves in the process.

Sense of self-worth/self-improvement
The quality in the content of an app can also bring about emotional progress. As the learner continues to strive for improvement whilst using these apps, the sense of achievement brings about positive emotional attachment to education as a whole and helps foster a healthy emotional state. A healthy emotional state also means being able to deal with failure. There has been a lot of research reinforcing the benefits to be had in getting accustomed to failure and learning from it. An educational app with quality content that challenges a learner will occasionally expose them to failure. Once they show persistence and see visual improvements, their view on failure changes and they become less fearful of it. A learner who is not afraid to fail will makes leaps in their personal development.

Educational standards changing
The future of education belongs in technology, specifically mobile technology and apps. This means that not only is quality in content paramount, but they also need to suit the learner. Consequently, the best apps will surface and be readily available to all learners. Once this becomes commonplace, the standards of learning will improve. Research has shown that the integration into curriculum can and will raise educational standards. If every learner using these apps sees improvement, the landscape of education could be impacted for the better in schools and in society.

In conclusion, we can see that the quality of an educational app has some far reaching benefits and can do a great deal for a learner. Through the use of personalized curriculum specification and relevance in terms of the subject it is evident that such an app could accumulate success amongst personal development and attainment. Continuous use of the apps could help students independently improve their progress within their studies emphasizing a much more positive mentality towards education overall.

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