Identifying and Analysing your Target Market – App Marketing

Following on from last week’s tip around the basics of app marketing and creating a plan, this week’s tip is all about how to identify and analyse your target market for your plan.

Although your app may appeal to a large group of people, it simply does not make sense to market to everyone. So, start out by identifying the people who really have a genuine need or want your offering.

Customers with a genuine need, should be your no 1 focus and can be identified by focusing upon ‘What problem your app is solving for existing customers’ or alternatively ‘What target customer segment your competitors are targeting’.

When we began to execute our own six-month marketing plan for this year, our initial target customers were those users interested in search term Apps for Education, as we knew that there was over a billion search results returned each day and we wanted to remain ahead of our competitors. (Which thankfully the web and marketing teams achieved, through the creation of their own unique content)

However, we also learnt not to make assumptions when we knew too little about our competitor’s strategy or existing customers needs. We realised that constant research had to be part of our DNA and that our customer needs were dynamic, requiring us to refine weekly, if not daily.

In conclusion, if you are looking to pull together information about your industry and create a concise plan about your market, your competition and your ideal potential customer, then a good starting position is the utilisation of such resources as App Annie, App Store Analytics, Google trends, Ahrefs etc.

If as always, you would like support in engaging with your target customers, then please do reach out today.

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