Some ideas on digital cheat sheets for exams

At all times, students are nervous before exams, so they are preparing cheat sheets. But this is not an easy task. You could even say true art. The cheat sheet should be not only as informative as possible, but also well hidden from prying eyes, because the punishment for its use can be very severe. But, along with this, it should be easily accessible so that the owner can use it at any time.

To date, there are many options and ways to cheat on the exam. Times have changed, and today’s students do not need to write miniature pieces of paper or create a complex radio system, as in the old comedies. In this case, now an important place is occupied by modern technology. This is due to the fact that the amount of information that people process is increasing rapidly. Today, everything is used in the exam: from all sorts of electronic cheat sheets to the most original mobile applications.

Every student is literally stuffed with electronic cheat sheets: smartphones connect us with the Internet’s global intelligence with its bottomless knowledge base in a second. But teachers also became more suspicious and often force students to put off gadgets before the exam. And what specialized cheat sheets are made today?

Of course, the Amblesideprimary team does not propose to use cheat sheets – there is no benefit from this. It’s just very interesting what ingenious students have invented in this sphere.  And here is what we have discovered for you.

Cheatsheet pen 

To take a gadget-cheat sheet for an exam, it shouldn’t be like a gadget or cheat sheet. It shouldn’t attract attention. For example, look like a regular pen.

A more sophisticated spyware version is an invisible ink pen. There is an ultraviolet flashlight at the rear end of the pen, in the light of which you can see invisible text. Prepare an invisible cheat sheet, and the teacher will never catch you.

Cheatsheet watch 

With the advent of mobile communications, hands-free headsets began to be brought on exams but universities put communications jammers on. Students began to upload data to smartphones, but teachers also took them away. Then students who wanted to get a good mark paid attention to other gadgets – for example, smartwatches.

During the exam, the desired ticket will crawl around the screen at a pre-selected speed, so you will not need to constantly touch the screen or turn the wheel.

Such smartwatches are sold on various websites and are equipped with a 2-inch screen, are capable of showing time and most importantly, they allow you to read e-books. For cheat sheets, they have 4 gigabytes of internal memory. In addition, they have a standard 3.5 mm headphone port, so you can listen to music and watch videos. For most former students, this is just a dream, and many of them regret that such gadgets did not exist during their studies.

But if your teacher has already taken away your smartwatch, all that remains is a calculator.

Calculator-cheat sheet 

This idea is as old as the world. The only difference is that the earlier students stuck papers with cheat sheets on calculators, and manufacturers now offer full electronic “cheat-sheets” made in the form of a calculator with a color display, 4 gigabytes of internal memory and the same functions as in a clock. The device works as a counting machine and, if necessary, displays the downloaded text of the tickets. It is, of course, suitable only for those exams where calculator using is allowed.


A mini earpiece device was invented especially for students. The wireless speaker is completely hidden in the ear and is extremely difficult to spot. The wireless microphone should be hidden on clothes. So, a partner who helps a student from a different audience can hear teacher’s questions and answer them, thus saving even at the oral exam.

Headphones connect to the phone via Bluetooth and work from a distance. This is useful in cases when backpacks and mobile phones are not allowed to carry.

Mobile applications 

Such applications offer a new modern way to solve this problem. The application turns your phone into an electronic prompt, which through a hidden headset will whisper answers to questions to you. And to select the needed, without removing the phone from the shelter, the methods of hidden control are used. Generally speaking, it performs the function of a prompter, dictating to the examinee the pre-recorded answers to the questions for the tickets.

The program allows you to loop through the records in search of the necessary, using hidden control. The phone may lie in your pocket, at the bottom of the bag, or even in the teacher’s desk, as long as it is within range of your Bluetooth headset.

The program operates according to the following principle. You create an exam section in the application interface and then dictate a list of questions with answers for it. Each question consists not of one, but of two records at once, prepared separately. The first one includes the ticket number and the name of the question. The second entry contains directly the answers to them.

Switching between active exam questions is carried out with the help of hidden actions that are of two types: short and long. A short action is used to go to the next record and a long one – to the previous one. Once you have found the answer to the question with the desired number, you no longer need to do anything. Just wait and get ready to record.

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