How to get your app discovered

Top grossing apps such as Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft and Hayday have become the Tom Cruise’s and Kate Winslets’s of the app developer community. Former hobbyists are now pursuing the dream of a full time career in app development, because all it takes is one great app right?

Wrong. If you’re a developer making apps, then you probably already know how difficult it is to get your app discovered. You have come up with a key-word-tastic title, you’ve slaved over the creation of a pixel perfect bug free app, and you have a 5 star Google Play rating, yet you are still stuck in the 50-100 installs range.

Now lets weight up your options, you could either go back to your job on the checkouts at Sainsbury’s or you could get creative in your app promotion. App promotion doesn’t have to cost 10x more than your monthly food budget; there are free or low cost options out there so here is a list of 5 ideas to get you started

1) Build a micro site to promote your app. As an app developer you may not be a heavy weight in html5 but there are plenty free services out there such as wix or squarespace, which enable even your Gran to build clean impressive looking responsive sites.

2)  App-o-day. For one day make your App free to download. App-o-day is limited to ios apps only. However here at the Educational App Store we are device agnostic so if you would like to promote your app through our website feel free to get in contact.

3) Get social.  Look we have all heard the rumour that developers have some niche social skills but twitter, facebook and Google+ make great networks to promote your app. Post interesting content relating to your app at least once a week, once a day is even better but don’t over do it.

4) Make contacts. As with anything “its not what you know, but who you know” Networking events can be great opportunities to get your app known and can provide you with excellent user feedback. If networking events aren’t your thing, identify and get in contact with bloggers who write on niches in the market which relate to your app. You will be providing them with content and they will be providing you with promotion. Its win, win.

5) Research your markets media channels. If your app is about the best watering holes in Kent consider printing promotional beer mats and distributing them free of charge in local pubs- if you’re lucky you may also receive some bribes.

If educational app development is your passion we would love to hear from you, we have a range of promotional options available for all budgets and have unique access to some superb media channels we can guarantee no other app store has access to.

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