How to Get the Most from a Single iPad in a Classroom

How to Get the Most from a Single iPad in a Classroom

Budget constraints often limit the availability of the latest tech in classrooms. Teachers can unlock a world of educational possibilities even with just a single iPad in a classroom. Here's how to maximise using a single iPad to benefit your students.

Centred Learning Stations

Rotate the iPad among different learning stations. Each station can focus on a specific subject or activity, such as a math game, reading app, or STEM apps. This approach ensures all students get hands-on time with the device and engage with educational content.

Interactive Lessons and Demonstrations

Teachers can use the iPad to conduct interactive lessons or demonstrations. With various educational apps, you can turn abstract concepts into engaging visual experiences. This is particularly effective in science and math classes. Ideally, mirror the device to a class display.

Good apps for this include ARLOOPA: Scan & Discover AR, Anatomy by Muscle & Motion Review, Immerse - AR in Education and Inspirit.

Video Conferencing for Guest Speakers

Use video conferencing apps to connect your class with guest speakers, experts, or other classrooms worldwide. This exposes students to diverse perspectives and experiences (diversity in the classroom) they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Professional Development and Planning

When not in use by students, teachers can use the iPad for professional development or lesson planning. There are countless resources and communities online for teachers to discover new teaching strategies and resources. Recent AI tools can quickly speed up your lesson inspiration and planning. Examples include: Coursebox.AI and Review

Personalised Learning

With the vast array of educational apps available, the iPad can support personalised learning paths for students. Apps can cater to different learning styles and levels, ensuring each student's unique needs are met. A single iPad and the right app can be a great way to help kids catch up after missing a day at school.


Even a single iPad can be a gateway to a richer educational experience. By being creative and strategic in its use, teachers can provide their students with engaging, interactive learning opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable. The key is to view the iPad not just as a gadget but as a versatile tool that can transform teaching and learning in multiple ways.


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