How confident are you keeping your children safe online?

how-to-keep-your-kids-safe-parental-controlThe every increasing pace of technological change and the ease with which younger children can embrace and explore new mobile technology and apps suggest that parents need continuing support to build their own skills and confidence.

Ofcom (2013) report that 50% parents continue to feel that their child knows more about the internet than they do as do 14% of parents of children aged 3-4. So how confident are you keeping your offspring safe online?

The 2013 report states that the majority of parents use a combination of mediation strategies to help keep their children safe online.

40% parents have installed parental controls and 90% of those parents feel that their children are safer as a result.

We should be aware that girls are more likely than boys to feel under pressure to appear popular or attractive online, and girls aged 12-15 are more likely than boys to say they have experienced cyberbullying through a mobile phone and online. 95% parents of 12-15 year old girls have talked to them about staying safe online.

Despite the vast majority of young people stating that they are confident internet users and know how to stay safe online, there has been an increase in children with a social networking site profile that may be visible to people not known to them.

New technology brings new opportunities and risks, and children need help to assess potential risks and unintended consequences of their media use, and to make informed decisions about online activities and services.

Source: Ofcom (2013) Children and Parents: Media use and Attitudes Report

Think safe.


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