Home Movies with an Educational Twist

This summer why don’t you make a movie with your children on your smartphone or tablets?

Creating a short movie teaches a variety of educational skills such as creative writing, script writing, organisational skills such as planning shooting, lighting, editing.

These skills are highly valued in a growing digital world and t is also an amazing opportunity to create something with your children for posterity or, to create something that you can embarrass and bribe them with in the future! (Melodramatic mua ha ha…)

You could do your own take on a a famous movie such as Frida Kahlo above and The Big Lebowski here on the left.

You could even come up with your own original script or take part in a claymotion class to prepare yourselves for the project.

There are many local film festivals that you can take part in or local children’s film schools that are available to get you going.

Remember that you can create spontaneous short-films too… such as this masterpiece:

Or, you can create adult concepts from the child perspective:

Here are some more movie creation apps to get you going!