10 top maths apps

So does solving a math problem feel like waging a war against an army of zombies? Well, it obviously does. But, fortunately, with a wide range of educational mobile apps to your rescue, cracking Maths questions is no longer Da Vinci mystery.

Read on to know 5 best resources that will make you fall in love with Zombies of mathematics. Here we go:


Regarded as the best app for maths, Photomath can solve an arithmetic problem smartly with just one look. All you have to do is just point the camera to the paper with the problem and you are done. Photomath finds a solution using augmented reality features.

It is best with basic math problems such as algebra. ‘Steps’ prompt on screen is quite interesting as it lets you find how the app has solved the problem.


This iOS app is available for free. It can solve a problem manually or you can take a picture of the problem and solve it automatically. Solve4x can also process an image saved in the gallery.

The best part of this app is that you can use it to check your answers.

MyScript Calculator

All right! So here comes wolf of the pack! All you have to do is write a problem on its screen and it will solve the problem without any delay. It is designed to recognize your handwriting so just write any problem and you will get the answer right away.

For example, write “?-5=13” and you will get the answer.

Complex problems of trigonometry, logarithms, and percentages have never been so easy to crack. This app is free on iOS and android.

Khan Academy

With its wide range of video tutorials on several subjects, this app has earned itself a huge reputation in a very short span of time. Besides, it is very to use and install. Pick up any subject of your choice and start learning with video tutorials.

You can learn with practice questions also. But make sure to note them down as they are also delivered as video.

Rocket Math

Math Rocket is an offshoot of an existing programme for schools designed to increase children’s speed and fluency in answering simple arithmetic.  This app encourages frequent short sessions and is supported by plenty of information explaining its purpose and methods.

Mathematics may sound scary but all it takes is a little guidance to solve a problem. We hope the aforementioned list has helped.

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