#GoveGone: Teachers celebrate end of bitter administration

Michael Gove

There has never been a more unanimous time of rejoicing among teachers than the news this week of former secretary of education, Michael Gove’s, sacking.


In a bid to win over some public approval, David Cameron has made some major changes in the latest reshuffle.


Among other notable staff being released and Cameron’s attempt to undo sexist perceptions of his cabinet by employing more womanpower, as it were, it seems the most attention grabbing was the departure of Gove.


And teachers did not hesitate to broadcast their joy. Twitterverse was ablaze – at least on this side of the pond – with comments from teachers who could not hide their glee at the news.


“NO MORE GOVE IN EDUCATION!!! Teachers, pop open the champagne: it doesn’t MATTER that it’s a school day!”@hannahbeckerman


“If you’ve got kids I wouldn’t send ‘em to school tomorrow… all the teachers will be hungover… #Gove #reshuffle”@WillHoyles


“People of the UK, feel free to bred again, #Gove will not be involved in the education of your children!!”@StarWarsDadUK


There was even a ongoing trending hashtage #GoveGone to celebrate the occasion.


Finally, it seems the educational sector’s most controversial figure’s hold on academia is over


But is his successor up for the task? Read full story HERE


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