Google Play Store reviews history is now visible to public

This post is for android developers who publish their apps in google play store. We all know that Android reviews are easy to get compared to apple and there are many Facebook communities which exchange reviews and many websites selling reviews too. Many developers purchase these reviews to manipulate the ranking in the store which is definitely a bad thing. It is like abusing the genuine efforts of real, hard working developers actually. We have seen reviews are selling for as low as $0.25 and we personally know many people who purchased such packages to manipulate their app ranking.

Whether your app is on Google Play or App Store, the app reviews are a useful resource for many teachers and parents. If you contribute reviews of your own, though, you may want to start being a little more thoughtful about what you say, as now other user can see all your old edits, even after you update your review. As a developer, you could already view this data, but so far it hadn’t been publicly available.

Now Google’s quietly turned on these public edit logs, making them visible in the Android Play Store app. To view the older version of a review, you’ll need to tap the overflow icon on the right, where now options for reporting unhelpful, inappropriate, or spam posts are joined by a “View edit history” option.

If you would like an unbiased teacher review and certification of your app to overcome some of these legacy reviews, then submit your app today.

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