Gamification in Education: How Educational Apps Make Learning Fun

Gamification in Education: How Educational Apps Make Learning Fun

In order to grow as a society, we as individuals need to learn, and this is why education is taken seriously in all developed countries. However, the traditional way students are taught can be considered boring and dull, especially when dealing with complex topics. So, to make learning more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable, steps have been taken to incorporate the positive aspects of games into education. 

The gamification of education is not new, but today we won’t be talking about its history but rather the ways it’s leaving a positive impact on education. So, make sure to keep reading until the end to learn more about the many ways educational apps are making learning fun for students.

5 Ways In Which Educational Apps Make Learning Fun

Here are five ways educational apps have helped motivate students to learn:

  1. Rewards And Incentives
  2. Learning Through Storytelling
  3. Interactive Features
  4. Freedom To Personalize
  5. Real-World Applications

Rewards And Incentives

Winning releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain, which gives the feeling of happiness and increased motivation. This is one of the reasons video games can be addictive. While playing games for hours can be bad for your health, learning isn’t. By including simple rewards like points, badges, and other incentives, students are encouraged to put their best effort towards their books. Many educational apps also include ways to share your accomplishments with others so you have extra motivation to keep on learning.

Learning Through Storytelling

It can be hard to sit through a long lecture, especially when you find it boring. This issue is made even worse when the topic being covered is abstract in nature. So, to overcome this challenge, educational app developers have leveraged storytelling to make the experience more enjoyable for the student. Everything with how information is shared with the student is designed to be relatable and, thus, make it easier to remember. 

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Interactive Features

With educational apps, the student is playing a significant role in their learning. Rather than just listening in class, with these apps, students are able to participate actively and, as a result, increase their retention abilities. Examples of ways this is achieved are through quizzes, puzzles, and games. Also, by including the ability to team up with other students, these apps are able to encourage the development of collaboration skills.

Freedom To Personalize

Traditional ways of teaching have involved a generalist approach to sharing information with the students. The child that struggles with learning without visual aid, along with the one who prefers written notes, are all made to go through the same curriculum.  This isn’t great because it means some students don’t get a good learning experience. However, with educational apps, things are better. Through artificial intelligence and students’ preferences, customized learning plans can be created to meet the needs of individual children. By creating a more personalized learning experience, students have been shown to find their learning more relevant and engaging.

Real-World Applications

Another way educational apps are making learning fun for students is by closing the gap between what they learn in school and real-world applications. Through the use of relevant scenarios, students are able to adjust their minds toward how they can apply what they are learning in their immediate environment. This helps to increase engagement and boost creative thinking. An imaginative mind is something the best writers have, but to find the best essay writers service, you need to read reviews. This is because there are many websites that claim to provide top-quality service but end up under-delivering or being scams. If you decide to test every writing company yourself, this will take time and money, so why not save both by reading reviews?

Gamification of education has come a long way in transforming the way we learn. Students now have access to apps and other tools that help make their learning fun, engaging, and memorable. By leveraging these educational apps, teachers and schools are able to create a more conducive environment for learning.

Author’s Bio

Tori Eslinger is an online educator and freelance writer. She helps students improve their grades by identifying tools they can use to boost productivity. Tori sees gamification as a necessary and valuable step towards improving students' learning experiences and thus actively uses it when teaching online. When she isn’t working, Tori enjoys traveling and vlogging about her experiences.

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