A Student’s Perspective on Mobile Learning Tools.

Michael Jakob is an 18 year old Developer, Entrepreneur at Troubi Entertainment and Student. He is just about to embark on his university degree course. In this post he tells us his thoughts about how it has never been easier to engage with young people via technology.

Adhering to the “cool” stuff and blaming the “so not cool” things are probably the most important activities in school.

They determine who you are. They determine the clique you’ll be landing in… and your social status.

Most kids probably agree that Facebook is cool. Mobile phones are cool as well, whereby English Literature and Math are not. What a no-brainer *eyes roll*.

It’s not really a secret that people usually concern themselves about the stuff they like, the stuff they think is genuinely “cool.”

Adults however know that Math will be of more use in a juveniles future than a casual chat message (Well, in most cases at least!).

The ultimate question starts to dawn on us: we have to get *into* the stuff that our descendants “are into.”
In my opinion this never has been easier.

Make a visually pleasing website and you’ve built up a solid connection.

Many universities have a clear, good-looking website since it is the only reliable connection prospective students have to a future varsity (except you view the location in-person).

I did my A-levels this year (Secondary School leaving examination in Germany) and on choosing this had -after viewing all the statistics- a huge impact.

The good thing is that everyone can and is allowed to create a website. To my mind what matters most here is that it must look good. The design, the layout should not be confusing, it should have an emphasis on functionality. Less is more!

Great examples are Google and most of Apple’s hardware products (e.g. the Macbook).

Moreover, it is not difficult to publish one’s mobile phone app at the Android Google Play Store for a little fee of $25 either. That’s it.

Furthermore, in order to get into a young person’s world, all you have to do is create a nice, “cool” app.

You can’t come closer, not even via in-person communication.

Developing educational apps combines elements that youngsters love with durable knowledge for an extraordinarily low price.

The thing our educational system has sought for decades; cool, is now available online!

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