Best Free Writing Websites for Students

If you are studying at high school, college, or university, you inevitably face numerous writing assignments. Online writing tools can engage and assist students in the writing process. These 5 free, interactive websites will help students brainstorm, organize, write, edit, and revise. Many online agencies are competing with each other when they offer essay services to students. So, if you are reluctant to pay to professional authors, you can take advantage of writing tools and websites for computer devices.

These websites can be helpful with the most common types of essays, such as descriptive, narrative, argumentative, or expository ones. Some software examples can also help cope with other academic assignments, such as term papers, project reports, analytical reviews, and so on. Check out several essay writing websites that can make your essay writing tasks much easier and faster.


Nowadays, anyone, if desired, can write and have the own audience. However, it is often difficult to stand out since your writing should be exciting and useful. Otherwise, the outcome is clear — the written copy will not be needed to anyone, and it will be marked with a bad grade. Therefore, writing is a skill that requires constant development. It can be achieved with the help of specialized courses and recommendations from professionals. Also, any professional essay writer can recommend reading as many books as possible.

Hemingway is both a website and an app for Windows and OS X. It is no coincidence that this useful software was named after the writer, who became famous for the brevity and simplicity of his writing style. The primary purpose of this software is to help different authors achieve the same. This virtual proofreader can point out overly complex sentences and makes your writing clear, concise, and meaningful. It is done based on the right number of words and the correct use of passive voice and other verb forms.

When using this writing website in the Write mode, all unnecessary elements are removed from the screen. So, the process of writing becomes more comfortable. After you finish your text, you can switch to the Edit mode. Here, you can see the information about which sentences should be shortened or rewritten. Hemingway is not only an online essay service. It also comes as a downloadable version for OS X and PC. The desktop software is paid, but the Web app remains free. Both options are similar in terms of functionality, but the web version, of course, does not work without Internet access.


LibreOffice is a powerful service package, which is fully compatible with 32/64-bit systems. Plus, it works properly with most popular operating systems, including GNU / Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. This website is free of charge for private, educational, or commercial use without any license fees. Hence, you can download, use, and study this software for free.

This writing website can be used for writing various types of essays. It allows students to create, review, and edit papers when inspiration comes. With LibreOffice, your document will look well-structured and polished. Leading experts working for pro essay writing service often use and recommend this app as the subsequent development of

iA Writer

Taking minimalism to the extreme, iA Writer may have the fewest built-in distractions of any writing website. It’s inexpensive and a great choice for students, bloggers and short-form writers. With this software, you can write your stories, ideas, and dreams beautifully and intelligently. This useful editor with minimal features is designed for those authors who are tired of numerous settings and functions. It is more suitable for creating voluminous notes and draft copies. The app is stylized as a typewriter, but at the same time, it looks quite fresh and modern. Its exciting feature is the ability to dictate texts with your voice.

Most of the work of creating bulleted lists and applying the right format can be done using this application’s tools. You can save the finished document in most used formats, such as .docx, .pdf, .txt, and others. All texts are conveniently synchronized with each other in iCloud or Dropbox. You can always access this or that text from any device. For example, you can start writing an essay on the subway and finish it while sitting in a comfortable armchair at home.


It is a powerful website for writing short stories, essays, or even novels. This app is free for downloading and using with no restrictions. Manuscript can do much more than simple corrections of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It checks different elements, such as numbers in the middle of sentences, compound words, and abbreviations. The program can alert you about missed paragraphs, violation of word limits, and many other factors affecting your paper’s quality.

Manuscript gives you three options of new templates to speed up your writing when you get started. You can import an existing document or start from scratch with the suggested model. The application allows you to synchronize your text with the reference library, insert links, post citations, and create bibliographies. With this website. you can focus on writing when you want to argue your point of view in the essay or share your term paper research with the world.

In this way, Manuscripts is a complete word processor that can assist in any detail when you are writing. This writing website tells can prompt you which format is needed for a specific purpose. The work with paragraphs, bibliographic references, and tables is greatly simplified. So, a wide range of writing services provided by Manuscript will help you solve difficult tasks related to your academic assignments.


FocusWriter is a distraction-free word processor specifically designed to help creative students put their ideas to paper (or screen). FocusWriter is positioned as a text editor, with the help of which you can concentrate on writing your paper, and not distracted to anything else. When you launch FocusWriter and move your mouse cursor to the top, the window with the menu and control panel will be opened. If you hover the cursor down, you will see the status bar and tabs with open files.

One of the unique feature is that you can set a unique Daily Goal parameter, which can be specified either in the number of characters you want to write or in minutes that you are planning to spend on writing per day. So, you will be able to see on the status bar the percentage of the completed goal. FocusWriter also has a timer function. You can set the timer while writing and when time is over, a beep sounds and a pop-up message is displayed.

However, FocusWriter has limited options for text formatting. Only the most basic features are supported, such as several fonts, underlining, and text alignment. At the same time, the program supports various design themes. You can configure the background image, as well as different sizes and colors of the fonts. The functions of spell checking, auto-saving, and text restoring are available.

Grammarly corrects hundreds of grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. This is while also catching contextual errors, improving your vocabulary, and suggesting style improvements. Come for the best-in-class grammar checking, stay for the added polish that will keep your text clear, mistake-free, and effective.

Thus, the initial use of such applications may seem difficult or frustrating. But their help, you can quickly start your way to success in writing different copies. Try one or two websites mentioned above and keep improving your writing skills all the time.

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