Social Networking Facts

Social networks are online sites, games and apps where people can interact with each other like Facebook, YouTube, Minecraft, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. Apps, games and websites are constantly evolving depending on the latest trends.

70% 12-15yr olds have a social network profile. The most popular are YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

50% 11-12yr olds use a social networking site because it’s easier to access sites intended for older users.

20% 8-11yr olds who go online have their own social profile.

5% 5-7yr olds have an online social profile.

Many social networking sites have a minimum age of 13 because of the laws where the majority are based – mainly in the USA. Some parents think it’s ok

Some parents may think it’s OK for their 11-year-old to use a site aimed at over 13s, but it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not just that site’s content you need to think about.” Say the NSPCC

You need to consider all the other sites they can now access as a result of having a social networking profile.

If your child is a social networker then look out for SAFETY FEATURES.

Sites and apps have safety features to help children keep in control – with or without your help.

These include things like privacy settings, or ways to block other users or content that they find upsetting. There are also ways to report anything upsetting to the people who run the sites.

Look out for these features, and teach your child to look for them too. It will help them to develop their own digital judgement skills and know how to get help if they need it.
Source: NSPCC 2014

Stay a safe networker.

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