How To Enlighten Your Kids About AI and Machine Learning

Want to ensure your kids’ bright future? Teach them about Artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’m not kidding. These technologies are revolutionising both the personal and professional lives of people all over the world.

The PwC estimates that AI and automation will replace around 38% of total jobs in the USA.

On the flip side, there is also a positive side to this revolution. The rise of AI and Machine Learning have led to 1400% increment in startups. All of a sudden, we can also see a massive increase in data production and the rise in the popularity of Big Data and R programming language.

The investment in AI keeps on increasing…


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The article published in the New York Times revealed that an AI specialist is charging over $300k annually in the United States. The demand for AI and Machine Learning specialists will be there in the time to come.

How can I teach technical topics like AI and Machine Learning to my Kids?

Teaching kids about AI and machine learning are not impossible. Here are the steps for enlightening your kids about machine learning and AI.

Understand “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning.”

The words, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, sound complex, but they are not that difficult to grasp.

Human Beings were responsible for giving every direction to machines in the past, but not any more. Artificial Intelligence means equipping machines with the power to make its own decision like human beings. How to give them power? We can do that with the help of machine learning.

Just like human beings store the information in their brain and learn from its patterns, the scientists have also been able to use the stored machine information to make machines learn from them.

For instance, human beings know that fishes swim on the water by storing “fish” in their brain and watching them float on the water over and over again. Likewise, machines can also do the same by analysing the patterns from their stored information (Machine Learning) and coming out with the conclusion to make decisions like human beings (Artificial Intelligence).

I know that your kids will not go in-depth about AI and Machine learning with the examples that I’ve given above, but they will be good enough to advance.

List of resources that simplify AI and Machine Learning for Kids

We can learn anything instantly, thanks to access to the internet. Due to an easy and affordable access to the knowledge and information, more and more people are opting for e-learning.

e-learning market size

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With that said, you do not always need to pay for information. There are tons of free information available on the internet. Here are some of the links to the top resources available online for teaching AI and Machine Learning to your kids.

  • Tyler Schnoebelen: Tyler, a data specialists, has simplified machine learning for both kids and CEOs. Parents can go through his article and educate themselves and their kids, the way he suggests.
  • Alishah Novin: Alishah is a software engineer by profession. Alishah, in his article, has demonstrated the way to learn AI via probability and entertainment.
  • Sherol Chen: Just go through Sherol’s three-step process and her resources that simplify AI to the kids.

Apps to understand AI and Machine Learning

There are plenty of apps to help your children get an in-depth understanding of AI and machine learning. Here are some of them:

  • Pika is an entertaining camera app for kids. It allows kids to photograph colours and make robots learn about the colours. It is quite challenging for kids, which would make them love this app. Furthermore, the kids also earn badges with each milestone to encourage them to learn with passion.
  • Machine Learning for Kids: This app provides parents with scratch and spreadsheets. You will be able to track the progress of your kids via this app. The kids can also teach machines via image selection.
  • Dalton Learning Lab: This application offers numerous tools to help parents with AI and machine learning. The Scratch option is free for parents, and there is no need for you to either register or make an account on this website.
  • Kano Computing: Kano Computing enables kids to develop their version of computers. Then, they need to program that computer for the completion of tasks. The guide is available for helping kids with the learning process.
  • VIPER: Wonderville introduced a game, Viper, to make machine learning interesting for kids. In this game, the kids program a robot for exploring Europa.

By the time your kids will be ready to work in an organisation, AI and machine learning may mature a bit. What do you mean by “a bit mature”? The AI and machine learning are still in its infancy. It sounds surprising, but it is true. We are yet to see the full potential of AI and machine learning.

As a parent, it is a smart move to start teaching your kids about AI and machine learning to secure their future. Even if your kids do not want to pursue their career in the field of computer science, the knowledge of AI and machine learning will give them a massive boost in their chances of landing a job.

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