How to use Email marketing For Mobile Apps

Email’s important. It’s an essential part of our marketing efforts at Educational App Store – not to mention the way we communicate directly with developers, parents, teachers and students. And yet, it can so often be confusing and difficult. Email marketing if done right helps to boost app promotion. The desired result of an app promotion could vary from increasing downloads to getting reviews to encouraging users to use the app frequently to inform about new offers etc. Email marketing could increase app downloads by 15%.

There’s dozens if not hundreds of ways to send your marketing email messages, along with innumerable different ways you can word your titles, write and schedule your messages, and followup on replies. There’s plenty of great options, but even more ways to mess up your entire marketing strategy with one button click.

Now you’ve developed an app and got users, you’re probably starting to realise that marketing should be as much of an ongoing concern as the design and development of your app. After all, what’s the point in creating a beautiful, valuable app if no one knows about it?

As part of your overall marketing strategy email should be top of mind, as it still demonstrates the highest ROI for the very best online marketers.


Email marketing outperforms SEO, PPC, and content marketing. And can be the most cost-effective way to promote your app, communicate with your potential users and achieve your download goals. So keep all correspondence personalised i.e. Dear …., if possible place the recipient’s name in subject lines (as it can increase open rates by 16%), segment your subscribers, send mobile friendly emails and always test copy, design and buttons.

App developers can use Email marketing for in many different ways :

Acquisition of new users

Welcome emails are also the perfect opportunity to build a genuine relationship with a new user. You can welcome the new users with a welcome email explaining the first action they should take and help them complete their profile information. Encourage new users to try the list of features available within the app.

Onboarding users

Engaging new app users early and often is a key to success. Automate a series of mailers starting with awareness and onboarding keep users informed about your app and build better connections with the users.


Reengage people who still have your app, but have forgotten about it. When you launch a new feature or launch a new version of your app, send out an email to your all users to inform them of the news.

Start with data analysis on what leads to churn on your platform. Once done, automatically tag users ‘at risk’ of churning and target them with things like increased customer support and exclusive discounts. This will increase the likelihood of retaining new users and alleviate their issues with your app.

Increase Mobile App Reviews

Many apps make the mistake of asking for reviews upon the user launching the app. Unfortunately, this makes for a poor user experience, and users are less likely to leave a review because the app is interrupting the normal user flow.

A better way to ask for the review is to wait until the user has accomplished something within your app or finished with his/her intended task. Encourage them to review the app by sending them a reminder via email.

Promote Offers and Rewards

Use the emails to alert app users to coupons and special offers. Give new users a free gift or an exclusive promotion unexpectedly. It doesn’t have to be anything too costly–-an industry report, discount on complementary products or the chance to win a t-shirt. This will encourage engagement and can turn new users into appreciative fans.

Feedback and Feature request for the app

Ask people about the app, get a feedback from your existing base. If they give a feedback they’ll usually tell their friends about it because they like the app.

Our own teacher and parent database is now in excess of 110,000 registered users and growing at 100% year on year. If you are interested in emailing our registered users, then get in touch today.

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