Educational Technology preserves native language



Not a single time!


The myriad benefits and features of educational apps have been outlined in various outlets.


Emotional and cognitive benefits, better retention capabilities etc.


But not once has there been news about an educational app preserving a traditional language.


Until now.


Yes, mobile learning can now boast saving the ancient language of Chukchansi, on it’s list of already impressive benefits.


The Chukchansi dialect is the native language of an American Indian populace situated in the Californian valleys. This is all well and good, but what makes this language so special you might ask?


There are only 8 recorded speakers left as of 2011.


8?! That’s less than the number of estimated Klingon speakers.


With this alarming statistic as motivation, an elementary school in California is leading the charge in a bid to keep this endangered dialect going for posterity, through educational apps.


Read the full story HERE.


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