Educational Shows on Netflix

Videos are a valuable resource both in educational settings and at home, offering a dynamic way to enhance learning for students of all ages. Educators and parents now have access to a vast array of choices, including a range of excellent educational shows available on Netflix. These programs cover a variety of subjects including history, science, wildlife, travel, and early learning. Here are some top picks to consider watching with young learners.

For educators: Be aware that some educational institutions may restrict access to Netflix, necessitating the use of its offline download feature for classroom use. Regarding the legal aspects of using Netflix in educational settings, the company specifies which titles are permissible for educational screenings. Additionally, while our editorial team has provided grade-level recommendations, educators and parents should ultimately determine what is suitable for their students and children.

Here are our top picks for educational shows on Netflix, perfect for children and students of all ages. These educational Netflix series provide a fun and engaging way to learn about science, history, animals, and much more, suitable for home and classroom viewing.

Best Educational Netflix Shows for Preschool and Kindergarten


Young children who enjoy singing will find CoComelon irresistible. It's ideal for toddlers who are just learning about numbers, alphabets, nursery rhymes, and more.


Join the joyful blocks in Numberland where they sing and play. This show is a hit with the pre-kindergarten audience.

Story Time Book: Read-Along

Engage with animated picture books that are narrated and set to music. This show helps children learn about a variety of topics including numbers, science, and the alphabet.

Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum

For children who are fond of music, this show is a great pick. It features songs that teach about colors, animals, numbers, and vehicles.

Best Educational Netflix Shows for Elementary School Students

Emily’s Wonder Lab

Hosted by Emily Calandrelli, this show makes STEAM subjects exciting with science experiments and ideas for projects that kids can try at home under adult supervision.

The Hidden Lives of Pets

This series uncovers fascinating facts about common household pets, from dogs and cats to goldfish, revealing many unexpected traits.

Puffin Rock

Set on Puffin Rock, this show follows puffling Oona and her friends, teaching lessons about friendship and the natural world.

Best Educational Netflix Shows for Middle and High Schoolers

100 Humans

A diverse group of 100 individuals engage in discussions and experiments on various subjects such as implicit bias, happiness, and the five senses.


This series, featuring narration by well-known celebrities, showcases stunning visuals and facts about apes, birds of prey, bears, and dolphins. Suitable for all ages.

History 101

Each episode, short enough for classroom viewing, uses infographics and historical footage to delve into the history of various modern topics.

The Mind, Explained

Explore the intricacies of the human brain and its functions, covering topics from dreams to anxiety disorders. Recommended for older audiences.

Tiny Creatures

In this dramatic nature series, small animals embark on grand adventures, highlighting their survival stories and the hidden aspects of their lives. Suitable for all ages.

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