App Certification and Review FAQ

App Certification and Review FAQ

The Educational App Store certification is a thorough educational app assessment with multiple components. We strive to be open about the process with our app-buying audience and the publishers whose educational apps we feature.

We do not guarantee certification, as it is an independent process designed to assure parents, learners, and teachers of the quality and suitability of each app. Marketing opportunities are only available for apps that receive our certification.

Below are the questions developers often ask about our educational app certification and reviews.


Which apps do you certify and review?

We review apps that support learning and families. These include teacher tools, educational apps, parent tools, family management tools, and productivity apps. The apps do not have to be specifically created for educational purposes. We will certify them if they have a valid role for learners and their families or educators.

Do you review apps on all platforms?

We review apps for all platforms, including phones, tablets, desktops, virtual reality and web.

Do you review apps which have specific hardware requirements?

We can review apps with additional hardware requirements, such as virtual reality headsets and stylus requirements. We also review apps with hybrid approaches where the app links to a custom physical component such as physical books or components.

How do I apply for certification?

Click this link and one of our advisors will be in touch soon.

Certification Process

What do I need to supply?

Our teacher reviewers will need access to the app you want us to certify. You can provide this through promo codes and custom accounts. If your app has a fully featured free trial of at least seven days, this will usually be enough, but if we need extended access for any reason, such as checking an update to the app, another means is required.

Do you need any background information on the app?

We allocate apps to teachers or educators qualified to assess them. We will ask for your app's primary subject area to ensure we do this effectively. If your app uses artificial intelligence, we will ask you to provide basic information about your implementation to inform our AI safety assessment.

Who will certify our app?

We have a team of educators and teachers with experience and expertise covering education in all ages and subjects. We also have teachers experienced in the US (Common Core and non-Common Core) and English school systems.

Based on the app's purpose and your preferences, we will allocate it to the most suitable expert in our team.

Many of our teachers are parents. They combine their professional expertise with their parenting experience to appraise family or home-oriented apps holistically.

What is the review process?

Before we pass an app to our teacher reviewers, we assess its public-facing profile to ensure it is a genuine educational app. Our reviewers balance their EAS role with working in schools, so it is important we only pass them reviews for apps we feel have a genuine purpose for our readers.

Can you waive the certification if we produced our app with the support of an educational institution or expert?

We respect the quality and reputation of the educational institutions, professionals and expertise that inform your app design, but we never waive our certification.

There are many organisations which claim authority in educational matters. Some are justified, and others less so, although they may trade on others' brands by including words like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, etc.

Our audience consists of non-experts unaware of organisational titles and their reputation. Nor will they know how different approaches may work in practical learning.

Our certification assures our audience that an app's claims are genuine and worthwhile. They assess how well the app's execution reflects the underlying pedagogy and reflects the practical experience of teachers. Furthermore, it helps parents, teachers, and students evaluate whether an app's approach is right for them.

Do teachers use apps with kids during the review?

It would not be ethical for teachers to take up their students' learning time to review apps. Even a five-star app isn't likely to have an immediate impact, and kids do not respond well to switching frequently between learning tools.

This is why we use teachers for every review. They have the knowledge and experience to understand how kids respond to an app. Not only do they have direct experience working with kids, but they have used a similar intuitive approach to determine the tools to use in their lessons.

Some of our reviewers are parents and grandparents. They may choose to see how their children respond to an app where appropriate. This is especially the case where an app is meant solely for home use, such as a digital safety app.

Why are most of the educational apps you review four or five stars?

We don't index apps that fall below our standards. We will occasionally feature a three-star app if it exists in a poorly served niche or has a redeeming feature, such as being free. However, we mainly list those that achieve four or five stars.

We want the buying process to be straightforward for busy parents and teachers, and showing poor-quality apps would make browsing the app libraries more difficult.

How do I know my app will meet the standard to achieve four or five stars?

Educational App Store reviews are genuine and unbiased reviews carried out by teachers, so we cannot make any guarantees before the review process.

Our experience reviewing over a thousand educational apps tells us that developers who care enough about their app to be interested in getting an Educational App Store certificate of excellence will likely meet the grade.

Our assessment rubric is a formalised method of capturing what makes an app good for learners, parents, or teachers. If it meets the needs of these users and does so in a way that makes the app engaging and pleasant to use, it will likely meet our standards.

We have a separate list of the areas where we've noticed apps often lose marks in the rubric.

How long does a review take?

The full certification process, including the written review, takes up to 10 working days from when our reviewer has everything they need to begin the review. Typically, they need promo codes, account access, or another way to access the app.

We invite developers to submit supporting evidence for their app and highlight what they consider key features distinguishing the app from their competitors.

After the Review

What do I need to provide?

Your app will have its own review page on our site with accompanying screenshots. We require a selection of screenshots that have not been used elsewhere. Reusing existing images can reduce your app's appeal to search engines and limit its discoverability.

Each screenshot should illustrate a key feature of your app and be accompanied by a short caption to include alongside it. The captions should be factual and not opinion-based.

If we wanted our app featured on your site, would we have to make 100% of the suggested changes, or could we pick and choose the ones we most prefer and then opt not to make some that we may not entirely agree with?

You do not have to make any changes in response to the review.

The review is of the app 'as is'. If you want to make any changes to your app in response to the review, we will adjust it in line, assuming you submit changes within one month of the original review. The review can stay untouched if you do not want to make any changes.

You can also respond to the reviewer on whether you agree with any suggestions. They will consider whether they should reflect your feedback in the review. The reviews are independent, and the reviewer will have the final say.

Can I resubmit my app if it fails the certification process?

We will reconsider any changes you make to the app for one calendar month after completing the certification. These changes could adjust the app's star rating or success status and provide further details for review.

After one month, you would have to begin a new certification process.

Our Audience

How does the Educational App Store's review help teachers?

Many app developers focus on the home education market as it is larger than the school market. The result can be great apps for kids to use on their own devices at home but lack features that help them work in the classroom.

Teachers don't have time to use workarounds to get past app limitations.

Real teachers carry out the app certification. Their experience and insight tell them whether an app has limitations that would make it less effective or impossible to use in the classroom. They also look for features that enhance an app for school use.

Teachers are custodians of public money reserved for educating kids. They may be called upon to justify their use of this budget. Choosing apps certified and reviewed by the Educational App Store shows proof of professionals carrying out due diligence.

How does the Educational App Store's review help parents?

Parents want the most effective apps for their kids but find it difficult to separate the facts from the marketing. No educational app is the 'best', but an app may be the best for a specific child.

The Educational App Store reviews help parents understand each app's philosophy, features, and benefits and make buying decisions. The best app may not be the most famous or the most expensive.

The EAS reviews give established app publishers and new entrants a level playing field where marketing spend doesn't dictate their exposure. 

We don't leave parents at the point of purchase either. The Parent App Library includes guides and articles to help them understand how to use the apps to support their kids.

How does the Educational App Store's review help students?

We want to maximise the benefits to students and minimise the costs.

A good-quality app will help students progress. A good quality app chosen because its features and approach suit an individual's needs will be even better.

A poor quality or unsuitable app is not only a waste of money but also squanders the learner's attention. Nobody has an unlimited concentration span, and kids have less than adults.

When kids use the wrong app, they spend this finite resource achieving little or nothing.

Our certification confirms an app's quality. The details extracted during the certification process help to ensure that when faced with two high-quality apps in the same domain, it is easier to choose the one most suitable for each learner.

App developers are involved in the certification process, but the teacher reviewer's decision is final.



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