So what, what now from a digital content perspective

In my last blog, I was looking to contextualise a foundation on which a solid eco system could be built for educational apps. I emphasised the importance of ‘Quality’ content, ‘Rigorous’ testing and ‘Continual’ professional development.

In this blog, I am going to go vertical and deep into what I consider essential in creating quality digital content, where it’s going and where it is likely to come from….

In recent weeks, I have had the privilege of spending time in the company of a range of content publishers, from Television companies through to traditional print publishers and those that fall in between i.e. App developers, YouTubers etc.

It has been absolutely fascinating listening to their thoughts on what works now and refreshing to discover that, universally, publishers believe ‘Quality’ educational content should be deep in its subject matter, easily understood from an instructional perspective, entertaining, interesting and useful.  These aspects are often found in isolation, and it can be challenging to incorporate them into one content package.

Quality television involves a plethora of skill sets, from commissioning, to creators, then onto producers and actors needed to perform that content. This is in contrast to publishers of apps and YouTube channels, who can provide a deeper initial connection with the user, as it comes directly from the developer/maker. Of course, they then face the dilemma of how to remain connected with their users; something that Television has mastered across decades of practice.

So what does this mean in terms of the future of ‘Quality’ educational content and where is it likely to come from?

From a personal perspective, I think we are going to see a significant increase in the number of collaborations/partnerships between Film & TV, who bring large budgets and planning to the table; and the best app developers & YouTubers, who bring personalisation. Working together, a new opportunity to produce exceptional educational content can be realised.

Justin Smith

Founder and CEO of Educational App Store

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