EAS Survey Shows That Over 50% of Students Would Buy an App Recommended by Their Institution!

To gain a better understanding of device usage habits for educational purposes, the Educational App Store conducted a survey with its UK network of college and university students.

Some very interesting trends have emerged from our first survey in regards to how many students use their device for individual study or research, their app buying habits, what students think about app reviews, how reviews influence their decisions in choosing apps and the most popular mobile platforms.

Educational App Store surveyed 410 students aged 16-25 in March 2014 through an online survey posted on the EAS website.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the majority of students (80%) think that it is important to have apps approved by a store or knowledgeable institution and that they will feel confident to buy an app (over 50%) if it was endorsed by their educational institution.

The survey also showed that the majority of students (87%) use their personal tablets and mobile phones to study and just 3% of respondents have mobile devices provided by their educational institution.

When asked if they use a mobile device for their studies 90% of students said “Yes” – it shows that learners see the value in using digital content and devices to boost their knowledge.

We believe that the trends shown by the survey will be of interest to students, teachers, parents, developers and tablet manufacturers.

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Mobile Usage in Education

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