Educational App Store Certification and Supporting Websites

Apps have grown hugely, but the humble website is still important. When you list your app on a store, you'll be asked for a website link for your app support and your privacy policy.  

When our expert reviewers assess your app for certification, they check both. The review rubric considers them for determining the star rating. When your app is nearing release, it is tempting to put together only a basic website and privacy policy page, but this is squandering an opportunity to enhance your product's appeal.

Domain Name

Nothing says that your app's web page is an afterthought, like not having a relevant custom URL. A generic hosting platform and URL are a way to tick a box, but not much more.

Supporting Information

Your app should be understandable and usable without users checking your website. However, your website allows you to add more information for those who want to go deeper.

Putting alternative ways of using your app or tips on getting the most from it in different contexts on your website saves cluttering your app.

Supporting resources

Be generous with your supporting resources, but ensure that each carries your brand. They'll provide a compelling reason to buy your app and go a long way towards convincing customers of your app's educational value.

Think about the different contexts in which buyers will use your app:


Printable worksheets and curriculum links will make embedding your app into lessons much more manageable. Case studies and lesson plans will provide tired teachers doing late-night planning with inspiration and a reason to buy your app.

At home

Parents often lack confidence when it comes to providing support for their kids. Video content explaining how to use your app for teaching, guides on effective ways to use the app alongside kids, and ways to build upon the app-based learning give parents the help they need.


Tell your website visitors how your app came to be. Your marketing material might mention educational theories, expert input, and developer credentials, but you can elaborate on your website. The names and experiences of real people behind the app turn your marketing material into relevant information.

Other Apps

A visitor to your website will be an existing customer, in which case selling additional apps to them will be easier, or they will be new customers who must be considering buying your app or one like it. Both have shown an interest in what you do. A well-structured and helpful website will help convert that engagement into a sale. Make your other apps easy to find or have a 'coming soon' section for future projects.

In-app Link

Make the most of a comprehensive website by linking to it from your app. A webview within your app provides the most streamlined experience and keeps your users engaged, but an external link is almost as good.

Search Engines

An excellent supporting website with careful use of keywords and phrases related to your app will attract more attention. Teachers searching for lesson resources might find your supporting material, and parents wanting to help their kids might find your app guides—link directly to the app stores to convert these views into sales.

Everybody loves good customer support, and a well-built and informative website goes a long way towards showing that you value your customers after they've paid for your app.  

Our expert reviewers will highlight your website's strengths in our certification process, and you'll be that much closer to a five-star rating. A great website and Educational App Store certification are an effective combination for gaining the confidence of prospective buyers.  

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