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Your app's appearance in search results is important to its success. All search results are not equal, though.

Left to chance, the first encounter potential new users of your app might be on a garish, advertising-heavy site of scraped app store content. Those advertisements will likely be context-sensitive or user-tracked, so they will often feature your competitors — not ideal, we’re sure you’ll agree.

One of our aims is to help educational app publishers get the recognition their products deserve by maximising the chances that our carefully considered, expert-led review forms your customers’ first impressions.

Unique screenshots are a crucial factor in achieving the aim of helping your app succeed.

Why does the Educational App Store want new and original images to accompany each app’s review page?

Discoverability: Unique images help your app’s review page appear in more people’s searches.

Duplicate content holds back discoverability by the major search engines. This has always applied to text, but search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and images now have a role.

Authority: Unique images tell search engines your app’s review page carries more authority than scraped pages.

This authority makes it more likely that your app’s review page takes precedence over those scraped, advertisement-heavy pages.

Consistency: Up-to-date images ensure your new users get what they expect.

 If your app looks considerably different from what new users expect, the disconnect can lead to them questioning whether they have the right app. We aim to minimise any friction as we help you build your user base.

Promotion: New users want to see that your app is actively maintained, and you want them to know about its new features

Your app’s development doesn’t stand still. Your app’s screenshots are a great way to communicate any new features and content your app has added. More people will see the screenshots than read the update log on your store page.

We hope you’ll give your app the best chance of success and ensure that we have recent and unique screenshots of your app. 

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