10 Ways to use MerlinAI

10 Ways to use MerlinAI

Is technology taking over all the fields that you can think of? – Yes!

Will it take over jobs of humans? – May Be, a few!

Will it eat the job of teachers, our nation builders? – No!

Teachers are an integral part of our education system, and trust me, they are here to stay. Any level of technological advancement comes with a motive of making things more attractive and easier and to help teachers deliver their best. With technological advancements in the education industry, new tools, gadgets and apps have been introduced time and now for use in the classrooms; they have given a new realm to learning.

AI is a step further in the technological sphere and if used wisely (that’s the case with all technology that one uses), AI shall make a place of itself that will be of paramount importance. The important part is to know how to put AI to use to your benefit. Once you know, AI can really work for teachers.

Finding the best AI that supports the teachers is a tasking job. While many AI are helping teachers perform more efficiently, In this blog we will discuss about How Merlin AI is one of the AI platforms that works wonders for teachers. Read on to find out how Merlin can play wonders in the workplace of teachers.

Should AI be Used in Classrooms?

Before we move forward, it is important to know that AI can be used extremely efficiently in the classroom activities. The statements and unproved assumptions of students using AI to ease their way out, write all their answers, and get used to cheating are all myths. Students still want to work hard and get ready for the competitive world out there.

For students, AI can help in generating ideas – with the caution that the students should know the difference between cheating and referring. If AI is being used for referring and understanding the concept but the child comes up with his or her own answers, AI gets a green signal.

Here’s how MerlinAI is a teacher’s best friend.

Merlin AI – A Teacher’s Friend!

Coming to the use of AI for the teachers and not for replacing teachers in any way, Merlin AI has been doing its best to prove the most loyal friend for the teachers. The following are the use cases of Merlin AI that help teachers in being more effective and productive in the classroom.

Summarizing chapters to provide last minute notes

As a traditional teacher, have you been making notes of all the chapters and bringing them to the classroom to be dictated to each student so that they get a revision of the chapter? Tonnes of effort? Heck, yes!

Not anymore. Merlin AI’s feature “Chat with pdf” helps you summarize or chat with big chapters within seconds and voila, your work is done. No more long hours for creating notes to deliver to the students.

Generating question papers

With teachers who are into teaching for quite some years now, the syllabus gets boring. Same concepts over the years and yet a different question paper every time. Here is away around this monotony.

Use Merlin AI’s Chat with PDF feature, to ask the AI to make questions from the PDF. Merlin will read through the syllabus and it will come with a unique set of questions each time that you ask it to generate the exam paper. Easy, isn’t it?

Generating class activities

The best example of this is generating reading passages for the students as per their grades and understanding levels. Rather than spending a lot of time on finding tasks for the kids, you let Merlin do your task. Ask Merlin to suggest you unique and creative class activities and enjoy your time with your students.

Upskilling yourself

Teachers are the nation builders and ample efforts must be made for the skill development of the teachers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere. But then, why wait for somebody to come up with opportunities. Create your own opportunities with MerlinAI.

Through personalized recommendations and curated resources, Merlin can suggest relevant workshops, webinars, online courses, and articles aligned with the teacher's interests and areas of development. This enables you to stay updated with the latest teaching methods, instructional technologies, and educational trends, ultimately improving your effectiveness in the classroom.

Using as a search engine

Google has been there for ages to help you with your searches. But for more complex answers and especially in the paucity of time, Merlin AI comes up with concise answers and searches rather than giving you a variety of web pages to explore and search from. You can also ask follow up questions and chat with the AI.

Going through Research paper and citations

It gets imperative for a teacher to stay updated with recent developments in almost all the fields around. That’s too much demand, isn’t it?

You can stay updated by using Merlin AI for your advantage. I know it might sound that Merlin is doing everything that you need, but that’s the truth. With Merlin's summarization capabilities, you can quickly extract key insights and main points from research papers. This allows you to stay informed about current educational theories, methodologies, and findings without having to go through the entire document. Additionally, Merlin can assist ingenerating proper citations, saving teachers valuable time in compiling references for academic work.

Automating Daily Manual task on Sheets, Docs and Gmail

Data entry, document creation, email management – teachers are not meant for all these, but then all these are additional KRAs that teachers are expected to perform.

Trust me, you can get rid of all these repetitive monotonous tasks with Merlin.

Merlin can help automate these routine tasks by providing shortcuts and intelligent suggestions. It can help create templates for lesson plans, assessments, and feedback forms on Google Docs, automate data entry and calculation on Google Sheets, and even generate draft replies for frequently asked emails on Gmail.

Applying formulas to make a collated performance sheet of students in class

By using functions like averages, percentages, or conditional formatting, Merlin can generate visual representations of student progress, identify trends, and highlight areas that require attention. You only need to give the right prompt to Merlin to act. This provides you– a teacher, with valuable insights to individualize instruction, provide targeted support, and monitor overall class performance more efficiently.

Writing long form content on different activities to be conducted on google docs

As the above point states that Merlin can help teachers with a lot of actions on google. This one is almost similar. Merlin can be utilized as a writing assistant for teachers, particularly when working on long-form content such as lesson plans, reports, or articles. You are then left to focus on your ideas and let Merlin take care of the finer details, ensuring high-quality written work that is well-organized and coherent.

Replying to mails faster with auto generated response

We know it is a tedious task replying to e-mails, writing each one separately. But when we say Merlin is your friend, we meant it. Merlin generates responses to e-mails with one click that reduces your time and yet maintain effective communication with the students and their parents. You can obviously customize these responses wherever needed, but more than half your work is taken care of by AI.

Using Merlin AI to display your work in the world of social media

Writing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. A teacher might be good at their subjects like Mathematics or Sciences but might not be that expressive when it comes to words. Merlin helps you in creating posts for your students for wishing them or celebrating their successor any other verbal activity. With new integration of Merlin with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you can ask AI to write posts for you to share your work & thought leadership on social media. Merlin helps you create posts and also help in replying to the comments which improve engagement with the students and parents.

Merlin has been doing tremendously well for different groups and teachers are not left out. You need to use relevant prompts or text inputs with merlin and it will definitely be the silver lining to your cloud. It will be the best of the AI friend that you look for and because it is a loyal friend, it will not eat your job. It will fetch you more respect within the parents and the students by increasing your efficiency and output.

Change is the only constant. Go ahead, make use of AI for your repetitive tasks and be the ‘favourite teacher’ that every student longs for!

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