Dealing with Technological Change in the Classroom



We visited Grove Park School at the beginning of the month on one of our App Advisory sessions. We were very impressed with the school’s attitude to new technologies and to the introduction of tablets in the classroom.

Although the school is still dealing with wifi issues and getting to a level of confidence in order to use the tablets in the school, the high energy and  upbeat attitude demonstrated by the teachers was sufficient to see that this school has the capability to deal with the uptake and distribution of tablets and content in the classroom.

However, for the first time. Teachers are asking the questions that pupils might already know.

Have you ever had a student tell you that they can’t use the you have given them because they have not had professional development training?

Thought not.  The reality is that we have digital natives in the classroom. That is potential that we can tap into for enchancing their learning experiences.

However how are you approaching the change? Are we choosing to make the change or are we letting the changes hit us in the face and takeover our habitat?

Change occurs whether you like it or not.

You’ve had no choice. You can let the technologies take over you or youcan choose how you want  the technology to be used.

Mobile learning, educational apps, digital content, tablets: They are all there for the taking. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do as long as you get on with it. Learning by doing. The teachers at Grove Park certainly have that philosophy!

In many ways, this choice makes the change ever more difficult, doesn’t it? It means that you have to pave the way.

The future isn’t so much about absorbing or tolerating change, it’s about making the change.

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