Comparing Bedtime Story Apps for Kids

Comparing Bedtime Story Apps for Kids

Two story and bedtime apps: which will suit your child best?

Each app we feature on the Educational App Store must undergo a certification process. The resulting review reflects the app’s quality and how it helps learners.

We want to help you make the right buying decisions for your kids, so when we find two quite similar apps, we compare them to help you decide which will be best.

Both of the following apps are great. Each received five stars. They both focus on building a love of stories and books but have slightly different focuses. Read on to see which would suit your kids best,

Target Age Group:

  • Funble is designed for children aged 2-8, focusing on various topics and story genres.
  • Stella Sleep is suitable for kids up to 10 years old, with a focus on soothing and sleep-inducing content.

Content Variety and Focus:

  • Funble offers diverse stories covering friendship, imagination, mindfulness, science, art, and more, including a lullaby section.
  • Stella Sleep specialises in sleep-inducing stories, music, lullabies, and ambient sounds, with content created to help kids deal with worries and sleep better.

Platform Availability and Compatibility

  • Funble is available on multiple platforms.
  • Stella Sleep is exclusively an iOS app at the time of the review.

Subscription Model and Pricing

  • Funble offers a free version, a 7-day free trial, and ten a choice between monthly ($6.99) or yearly ($39.99) subscriptions.
  • Stella Sleep also offers a free trial and a choice between monthly ($6.99) or yearly ($39.99) subscriptions.

Educational and Developmental Benefits

  •  Funble is geared towards cognitive, creative, and emotional development and academic relevance. It encourages a love for reading and storytelling.
  • Stella Sleep, while not primarily educational, focuses on social and emotional learning, helping children deal with daily worries and sleep better, which indirectly supports their overall well-being and learning.

User Experience and Accessibility.

  • Funble has an engaging and interactive interface.
  • Stella Sleep is praised for its simple navigation and soothing content.

Safety and Ad-Free Environment

  • Both apps prioritise safety and are ad-free, making them suitable for independent use by children.

Special Features:

  • Funble offers interactive stories, the ability to listen or read, and rewards for completing books.
  • Stella Sleep includes research-based content, stories narrated by professionals like John Cleese, and techniques like breathing and relaxation exercises integrated into stories.

Parent and Teacher Engagement

Funble allows for shared reading experiences in classrooms and at home, with options for teachers to read to students or for students to read independently.

Stella Sleep offers material for calming kids during the day and parental guides for establishing effective bedtime routines.

Funble and Stella Sleep are excellent apps but serve slightly different purposes. Funble is more versatile in educational content and reading development and is suitable for a classroom setting. In contrast, Stella Sleep focuses on aiding sleep and emotional well-being, making it a valuable tool for bedtime routines and managing daytime anxieties.

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