Best AAC Apps

Best AAC Apps

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) refers to the tools and strategies used to assist people who have little or no speech to communicate. AAC apps assist individuals in forming phrases and sentences using symbols and predictive keyboards. Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps for adults and children can be used for varied reasons from temporary disabilities to a permanent one.

Much has been written about the potential of mobile technologies in supporting young people to communicate.  This potential can most readily be seen in the area of communication and specifically Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC). Mobile devices along with applications such as Proloquo2go by AssistiveWare, My First AAC by Injini, and Alexicom AAC have brought AAC into the mainstream, opening up a world of opportunity for those where expressive communication was limited.

The following apps can help people with speech difficulties caused by conditions such as autism, aphasia, brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and stroke.

Here is the list of the best AAC apps for nonverbal communication that anyone can access and use.

1. Otsimo AAC - Tap and Talk (iOS, Android)

Otsimo AAC Tap and Talk is a symbol based alternative and augmentative communication app designed for anyone who struggles with verbal communication, including non-speaking individuals of all ages. The app allows the user the freedom and flexibility to communicate with others in an alternative manner through text-to-speech technology.

It is easy to use and highly customizable to meet the individual’s communication needs. Otsimo AAC Tap and Talk comes with thousands of pre-installed unique words. In addition, the user can add or remove any card or symbol they like to further customize their communication tool.

2. Leeloo AAC - Autism Speech App (iOS, Android)

Leeloo AAC is designed to help non-verbal children to communicate with their parents, teachers and friends. It uses the AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) principles which support children with autism to communicate easily as well as other special educational needs.

Leeloo AAC App - Assistive Cards app teaches children who are unable to speak an alternative method to communicate and share their needs, wants and wishes with others which would have been difficult before.

3. SayIt! – Easy AAC (iOS)

SayIt! is a text-to-speech tool compatible with iPhones and iPads. Typical users will be people of all ages who struggle to vocalise words and phrases. They can use this app to type what they want to say as they go or store a selection of words and phrases on various phrase boards linked to different contexts.

SayIt! lets kids and adults who cannot vocalise their thoughts, opinions, and questions without assistance speak. Therefore it gives them better access to social interaction, lesson participation, and discussion.

4. CBoard (Web)

Cboard is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) web app for children and adults with speech and language impairments, aiding communication with symbols and text-to-speech. This versatile application has been designed with the support of UNICEF and provides a unique voice for those who wish to communicate using the application’s language platform.

Parents and teachers could use the app for children who are struggling with communication. These applications could include children with special needs, visually impaired, hearing impaired, autistic, and those who are recovering from illness.

5. TouchChat (iOS)

TouchChat is a symbol and text-based AAC tool available for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. TouchChat HD is a full-featured communication solution that allows non-verbal individuals to create words, phrases, and messages using synthesised or digitised speech. TouchChat can be customised to suit individual needs, has a library of over 10,000 symbol stix, four pre-programmed vocabulary organisations, and uses spelling with basic word prediction.


  • Access to SymbolStix library, and easily add your own photos.
  • A LITE version (without the speech) feature is available to try the app out.
  • Pre-programmed, fully customizable vocabulary sets are available.
  • High-quality text-to-speech voices.
  • Share text in message window via email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message or even copy and paste into other applications.

6. Proloquo2Go AAC (iOS)

The Proloquo2Go is an AAC and text-to-speech app that is completely customizable and designed for a range of fine-motor and visual skills, making it useful for non-verbal people with a range of other diagnoses. Proloquo2Go lets people talk using symbols or text in a natural-sounding text-to-speech. AsssistiveWare presents Proloquo2Go, a symbol-based AAC platform that's ideal for people who don't prefer text-based solutions.


  • Access to 14,000 symbols and easily add your own photos.
  • Pre-programmed vocabulary sets (Research-based: core word and basic communication) which is fully customizable.
  • Share text in the message window via email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message, or even copy and paste into other applications.

7. QuickTalk AAC (iOS, Android)

With Quick Talk, our AAC communication app, you can go anywhere with your child, friend, or client, easily take out your phone or tablet, and communicate at the speed of life. AAC app based on categories of pairs of buttons to select phrases and words (100 maximum). 11,000 images and symbols from the Smarty Symbols library. It uses a recorded voice or TTS. The Quick Talk AAC app is a comprehensive AAC application designed by educators, therapists, engineers, and parents to help individuals who are non-verbal communicate through images, profiles, and symbols.


  • Easy to navigate, quick access to Yes/No, 11,000 Symblstix images.
  • Easy setup, create a profile, and start using within minutes. Add buttons before the new event or on the go.
  • Navigate to speech buttons in 1-2 clicks.
  • High-quality text to speech or use your own voice.
  • Typing mode.

8. iCommunicate (iOS)

iCommunicate is a visual and text AAC app as well as task completion and audiovisual prompting. With iCommunicate app, there is a very large database to choose words and actions from, making speech available for every occasion. You can also record your own custom language to help improve communication across language barriers. iCommunicate app allows the user to print out the schedule they have made, making this application very diverse.


  • Allows you to create pictures, flashcards, storyboards, routines, visual schedules, and record custom audio in any language.
  • Comes preloaded with 10,000 Symblstix pictures.
  • Can insert Google images, printable storyboards.

9. LetMeTalk (iOS, Android)

LetMeTalk is a free AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) app available for both Android and iPhone. This app supports communication in all areas of life and therefore provides a voice to everyone. LetMeTalk enables you to line up images in a meaningful way to read this row of images as a sentence. The image database of LetMeTalk contains more than 9,000 easy-to-understand images from ARASAAC. Additionally, you can add existing images from the device or take new photos with the built-in camera.


  • Supports several languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Arabic.
  • Synthesized Speech (Computer Generated)
  • Allows for switching back and forth between languages for families who are bilingual.

10. SonoFlex (iOS)

Tobii Sono Flex is an easy-to-use AAC vocabulary app that turns symbols into clear speech. It offers language to nonverbal users who are not yet in full control of literacy. The Lite version differs from the paid version in that there is a limit on the preprogrammed contexts available and reduced customisation settings.


  • A LITE version is available to try the app out.
  • Core vocabulary set provided, with some context/topic-based boards also included.
  • High-quality text-to-speech voices (US English).
  • Fully customizable buttons, grids, and folders.

11. Speech Assistant AAC (Android)

Speech Assistant is a text-to-speech AAC app for people who are speech impaired. It is easy to use and completely customizable to your needs and preferences. You can create categories to organize your phrases. You have the option to backup and restore your categories and phrases.

12. Twinkl Symbols for AAC (iOS, Android)

Using Twinkl Symbols, you can create, teach, learn & communicate using a fantastic set of teacher-led symbols and board & book templates from the world’s largest educational publisher, Twinkl. Communication Books in the Twinkl Symbols for AAC app offer adult and learner users the ability to more seamlessly communicate with an expanded or varied vocabulary. The Twinkl Symbols App is available to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps can be used for different reasons by adults and children with developmental and speech disabilities. Plus, check out our lists of Autism apps and Special Needs Apps.

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