Kids Online Safety – Taking Photos and Videos

Kids Online Safety – Taking Photos and Videos

What are the dangers of posting pictures on social media or online

The camera on kids' mobile devices provides many opportunities, including solving math problems, viewing unique augmented reality models, and enabling creativity.

Never forget, though, that those cameras are part of a device that can send their images to millions of people. That comes with risks and responsibilities which your children need to learn about.

Talk to your kids about protecting their online safety when using their device's camera. They must use them responsibly to avoid causing problems for themselves and others.

Giving away information

Help your kids recognise the importance of what is in the background of their photos. When caught up in the excitement of the moment, kids focus on the subjects of their photos; they might not even notice the background.

A letter on a nearby pinboard might contain names and addresses; a computer screen could show personal details, and even medication on a bedside table could lead to other users making guesses about the users' health or state of mind.


Ensure that kids know that when a device takes a photograph or video, it captures far more than they can see or hear in the media. Everything combined can help other people work out their daily routines, where they might likely go in the future and when.

By default, each device embeds the GPS coordinates, current WiFi network, time and date into each photograph and video file. These remain in the file when users upload them, whether to contacts, social media friends, or websites.

Respect others' privacy

Your children should know to check with you before allowing anyone to take their picture or record a video of them. They should know that this is to protect their safety and that they should ensure that other people have the chance to give or withhold their consent.

Capturing school staff or other kids will likely be against their school rules and could place others at risk.

Loss of control

Your children should understand that once they have posted an image online or to a friend, they have lost control of it.

Friends can post photos to other people or on social media. A screenshot will preserve pictures even if the hosting app deletes them. Many apps will report to the sender if a recipient has taken a screenshot, but it does nothing to regain control of the image.

Educate Kids

  • Make sure kids know the rules and the reason why they are essential.
  • Ensure your kids know never to upload an image or video without your consent.
  • Ensure your kids know to ask you before allowing anyone else to take their photograph or video them.
  • Ensure your kids know to speak to you about anything online or in apps that makes them feel uncomfortable or frightened.
  • Consider using a Parent Control app to monitor and control your child's internet access.

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