Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto Youth Crisis

An alarmingly high number of young children are accessing, amongst others, these two notorious 18+ rated games. I know of Year 2 (age 6-7) children who were given them for Christmas.

It was reported in the media in March that Nantwich Education Partnership sent a letter to parents warning them it will report them to police or social services if they become aware children are playing violent 18+ video games, such as Call of Duty.



The brain of a child is constantly developing, making sense of the world, growing in emotional intelligence. At such a formative time in a child and teenagers development do we really want them growing up playing games that reinforce extreme violence, multiple, sexually explicit content, motiveless killing, sex crime, rape, violence towards defenceless people, strong language? On a PlayStation 4 children can interact with other players ONLINE.

I am taking an educated guess that I am ‘preaching to the converted’ as a reader of this blog but my point is this. If I can empower at least one of you to use this information to stop parents who do allow their children to play these games then I will be happy.


Find out how to set your child’s gaming devices so they can’t play 18+ games in Julia’s next blog

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