But Mum, my mobile is glued to my hand

Last month many of us, myself included, had children undergoing the transition to a more independent stage with the move to secondary school. Immediately I was struck, as I saw them en route to their new destinations, by the mobile phone in 99% of their hands. They are now confident internet users with more varied online habits. We appreciate how positive internet use is for them and how the mobile is their essential communication tool but we must still continue the Cybersafety dialogue with them.


My daughter has read and signed her ‘school acceptable ICT use agreement’ but I know that despite this if we don’t keep talking about real life examples of mishaps (like afterschool, by the lockers, when she put me on speakerphone whilst I unknowingly said something soppy – only to hear a roar of laughter from her friends – soooo uncool) she is more than likely going to unwittingly slip up.


I know this because our children don’t really see the link between their out of school digital behaviour and their in school computer use. In their minds it’s two separate worlds (I am picturing a Venn diagram with no ‘intersecting’ circles.)


As parents and as educators we have to keep reminding them that wherever they are, whenever they use that mobile that’s ‘glued’ to their hand they must behave responsibly. Stop. Think. Before you press send or speakerphone…



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