Best Writing Websites for Students

Possibly, you have a novel or a series of short stories with you. Possibly, you’re an amazing blogger, or possibly you want to write a financial report daily in your office. Any way you cut it, writing is the basic skill, just about everybody needs to enhance and can get better at. But, if you have pretty much time and really need a little extra help in the writing department. No matters, whether you are tackling a school assignment or attempting the next great American Model. Here we listed the best writing websites for students that can help them with the creative process.

The writing websites for students listed below are those we’ve picked are used by the best online assignment help agencies.


What it does:  Grammarly is one of the most renowned writing website available, and for only good reasons. Its interface is very user-friendly and works across brilliantly across Ios and Android. The basic function of Grammarly to scan your text and makes suggestions about where changes should be required. It’s a tool for checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation. One of the best features of Grammarly is that it will tell you why it is making the correction. If you were to ask any professional writers about the best online writing apps, he couldn’t list his favorite writing apps without mentioning Grammarly. Because this app does more than checking grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes; it provides a deep description of grammar rules and suggested corrections. In order to access it, all you need is to do, just sign in and then enter your written work into “Grammarly text box” and you’ll get a level of acknowledgement far beyond what you ‘d expect from an automated tool.

Why it’s cool: For nearly decades, Grammarly has helped people make their writing clear, effective, and mistake-free. Now by popular demand, Grammarly comes to your iPhone and iPad. It is advanced writing software, including highlights, spell check, detect plagiarism, offers style and vocabulary enhancements. Moreover, you can even search your notes if you don’t remember where you saved something. They analyze that any anti-plagiarism tool is mostly used by students or teacher to check the essays, papers, and reports that they submit or that have been submitted to them.

Hemingway Editor

What it does: No matter how you are good at writing, there’s sometimes when you wish it was better. Hemingway is a software that measures the readability of your content as well as provides suggestion on how to improve. It scores writing into grades levels like Grade 17 or above = Bad, Grade 11= Ok, and Grade  10 or below = Good. When the text is pasted into the app, it is assessed on readability grades that I have mentioned in the above sentence. All in all, with this app by your side, you can easily see how “readable” your articles are and improving them as needed. The best thing about this software is, this powerful tool runs on any operating system and easily fix potential areas in your writing. To use the Hemingway editor, copy your text from a word processor and paste into the text editor. The newest version of the Hemingway (2.0) will now allow you to add heading and paragraph styles will show up in a word.

Why it’s cool: The Hemingway editor highlights common problems that are the complex sentence, extra-long sentence, too many adverbs, and too many passive sentences. It highlights the incorrect sentences in color code, so you can address them one at a time. Most of the client avoid passive voice sentences because it weakens the force of writing. So, with the help of this app, you can change the meaning of the sentences without losing its sense. We ensure you that, if you choose this one,  you’ll make the process of writing more pleasurable.

You can make your content polished in just $19.90 per month. Moreover, it offers an online version that you can use free.  With that information at hand about Hemingway, you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.

Ginger Tool

What it does: Ginger editor is a simple word processor and proofreading tool designed for writers. It analyzes your writing and based on the complexity of the sentences, it will give you alternative suggestions. It is a powerful grammar checker that can easily identify text errors and make suggestions to improve. Sometimes writer unable to make difference between single and plural errors, that time Ginger automatically detect the errors and correct it effortlessly. Although basically, a ginger software tool available for personal users, but it is available for commercial use as well. This app is easy to use and easily embedded in Android, Windows, and ios. Along with that, in order to make document and writing experience faster, this software was equipped with keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to proofread documents easily.

Why it’s cool: This app’s simple writing environment will enable you to focus on writing text and easily identify misspelt and overused words.  In today’s writing world, this tool is second in our top 3 three grammar checker list In a nutshell, the Ginger software can easily identify document errors and correct them, help users communicate in 40 languages, and rephrase sentences to avoid redundant errors. Meanwhile, to top this all, users are given the opportunity to improve their English writing skills as Ginger has its own learning centre.

This product is designed in three distinct subscription plans. A monthly plan is available for $29.96 per month, a quarterly plan can be purchased for $41 and an Annual plan is available for $89.88 a year. We ensure you that this is interesting and potentially useful for the writers who are dealing with American, British and Canadian clients.  If you are a novice essay writer you take the professional help of Smart Writing Service which is round the clock available for the students.


Blogging is a popular way to publish and write in many classrooms. What makes Edublogs stand out is the combination of easy setup and use, strong support services, flexible administrative options, and peace of mind around spam and privacy issues. There’s a free version, but it has limits around media use. The Pro account comes with bells and whistles, including valuable server space for uploading and hosting photos, podcasts, and videos, and it also gives administrators fast access to technical support.

Edublogs is just the platform for student writing and digital creation. How good it is for learning depends on the types of meaningful experiences that teachers create for the students and the level of collaboration that takes place.


Evernote promotes writing skills through note-taking, graphic organizers, visual or audio content, and more, supporting many different learning needs. Students can create notes, snap images, hand-write notes, make checklists, or record audio on their mobile device and make the information available on other mobile devices or computers. Evernote is a note-taking and productivity tool that offers companion apps for web clipping, drawing, and scanning.


Penzu is a great journaling alternative for today’s tech-driven students. The writing space is designed to look like a sheet of notebook paper, but students can change font features and add images to spruce up their journals. These small details can help keep kids who don’t particularly like writing interested. The online journal is an efficient writing tool — students can see the instructions, write, and submit, all from the same page. Penzu provides opportunities for peer editing, a useful skill that requires practice.

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