Best Writing Apps for Students for iPad

Writing apps are easy to use, somewhat efficient and entirely legal. That is why we like them. At the same time, they can miss some critical mistakes, they get stuck and sometimes they cost rather much. That is why we hate them. It won’t be just another dull comparison-review article. You are reading a post about three winners of the excruciating battle which was held behind the scenes of students’ essay writing. Welcome three the most efficient writing apps for iPad.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard app for iPad is completely free and it is simply described as an editing tool that helps find spelling and grammar errors. It also corrects spelling and most of the grammar mistakes. Of course, a student should have some basic knowledge to understand either the offered substitution is relevant or not.

It is installed as an additional keyboard once the user chose it in the keyboard settings. It doesn’t slow down the productivity of your iPad; typing doesn’t become slower, keyboard doesn’t get stuck. Using Grammarly keyboard is like choosing another language to type in.

Grammarly Keyboard is adjustable — you can choose the major settings yourself, adjust them to your writing needs. For example, you can enable and disable auto-correct and auto-capitalization, decide what app should do if it detects you are typing in capital letters, etc. You also have an opportunity to choose the “family” of your standard English language — American, British, Australian or Canadian. This way the Grammarly keyboard will “catch” awkward phrases and will let the “local” ones stay.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway himself said that he writes drunk and edits sober. Well, this editing app Hemingway Editor is definitely sober, because it finds mistakes and omissions rather efficiently. It is semi-free — you can use desktop version free of charge, but you have to pay to download it to your iPad. The price is low, considering the efficiency and usability of the application.

Hemingway is more concerned about your style than Grammarly Keyboard. It is also more bright in colors — some students say it is a good thing, others claim that it is very distracting. That it is why it is a good thing that you have a chance to try its free version first.

Hemingway app helps students to understand whether their texts are easy to read or not really. It underlines sentences which suffer from wordiness and other mistakes regarding style. After Hemingway Editor is done with the analysis you can read something like this at the right sidebar: “27 sentences are very hard to read.”

The efficiency of this app is confirmed both by students and their parents. It is definitely worth trying.

Ginger Page — English Grammar & Spell Checker

The Ginger Page is another writing app that can be used in your iPad and claims to make your writing more professional and easy. It checks grammar and spelling, focuses on omissions and structural mistakes. It gives more alternatives compared to Grammarly Keyboard, but is less concerned about the readability of your text than Hemingway. It is not a free app, you have to pay to get it, and some new updates can cost you additional money. However, the price is more than affordable to give Ginger a chance.

It has additional functions: it can translate your text into several languages and can find synonyms to the words you are interested in. From what we’ve learned its translations are worse than Google translations, but it can be beneficial with synonyms. Ginger reminds you of some writing activities, like Red-Letter Day, so it is more “social” than the two previous ones.

If you want to polish your paper and have some time you can use all three of these apps. They have different algorithms, which means you will receive a relatively objective picture and in-depth editing.

However, there are situations in which writing apps can’t help, mainly because they don’t create content, only check it. If you need custom writing help, you can address Smart Writing Service and receive it at an affordable price. Getting custom written papers you learn from the best and the brightest academic writers, what contributes significantly to your academic progress. Asking for help and using extra writing apps is a wise choice if you want to be an efficient student.

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