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Best Websites for Teachers

Technology, in many instances, makes life easier and more enjoyable. But when it comes to school, technology, if not used properly, can be a distraction – a way for children not to pay enough attention to classes or study. Indeed, if teachers read this, they may think of the many times they caught their students using phones during class instead of paying attention. So, how to turn that distraction into an effective way to make lessons more exciting and engaging?

The good news is that many websites are specifically designed to help teachers add more fun and spark their students’ interest in the material. Right now, there is no denying that almost every child has a smartphone, so a teacher can easily create a 1-to-1 classroom and engage them with interactive, visual, and fun lessons.

Here is the list of best websites for teachers to help plan lessons, communicate with staff, and deliver exciting content to students.

1. Teachers Pay Teachers TPT

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace for teaching and learning resources. Many different types of resources are available such as worksheets, booklets, presentations, videos, images, diagrams, certificates, classroom displays, posters, and more. Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) provides a place where teachers can share the resources they have made through an efficient online marketplace. The resources cover every subject and come in various formats.

Teachers Pay Teachers

With millions of great free teacher resources from amazing TpT sellers, there are just so many original educational resources for teachers to use in their own classrooms.

Best for: Teacher Resources

Discover Resources

2. BetterLesson

BetterLesson is a popular website for teachers offering lesson plans, professional development, and instructional strategies for core-subject teachers from lower elementary to high school. Their database offers literally thousands of unique and compelling lesson plans, instructional strategies, and modules on developing leadership, student engagement, and classroom learning. Better Lesson is an excellent resource for all levels of teachers.

BetterLesson is a website that offers teachers Common Core-aligned math, science, ELA, and blended learning lessons. Teachers can browse over 10,000 lessons by standard, grade, or subject. BetterLesson is free; teachers must create an account for unlimited browsing.

Best for: Teacher Resources

3. Scholastic Teachables

Scholastic Teachables offers teaching resources for every subject such as lesson plans, mini-books, and activity sheets to help educators plan for the school year. Teachables content extends from Pre-K to 6th grade.  This easy-to-use product supports whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction as well as independent learning, summer learning, and family engagement.

Best for: Teacher-created lesson plans and activity sheets

4. Crayola For Educators

This website allows teachers to explore thousands of curriculum-connected lesson plans that support and extend instruction for all grades. Each lesson plan is educator-developed and includes classroom-ready directions, a list of needed supplies, standards alignments, and images to help guide your lesson planning. This collection of lesson plans online grows continually and always inspires new teaching and learning excitement.

Crayola also offers opportunities for teachers to test new products and lesson plans in the classroom, lead workshops and demonstrations, and receive products and discounts from the online resource store.

Best for: Integrating arts into the classroom

5. Common Sense Media

It is a free online resource for teachers to discover, share, and use the best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula in their classrooms.  It features practical insights on how to use these products from an active community of K-12 teachers who have a range of tech skills and experience. Common Sense Media is a trusted source for teaching and assisting educators on how to make the correct choices when it comes to the ever-changing presence of online resources.

Best for: Reviews

6. ReadWriteThink

Read Write Think is an outstanding resource for teachers. It provides useful tools and materials for virtually every grade level. Lesson plans are standards-based and often spur critical thinking skills in students. Manipulatives and interactive resources are available to accompany many of the lesson plans as well. For each lesson, you can see the Common Core and NCTE standards addressed, as well as how long the lesson takes to implement.

Best for: Quality Learning Materials

7. Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers digital content for K-12 that includes digital textbooks, multimedia content and professional development. The website serves 4.5 million educators about 50 million in more than 50 countries. Teachers can use the free resources on Discovery Education to supplement their existing curriculum. Whether you’re looking for lesson plans, worksheets, or virtual field trips, it’s easy to get lost searching the massive collection on the site.

With the paid features, teachers can access math, social studies, and science digital textbooks, explore a variety of streaming media, and connect with other educators professionally.

Best for: Instructional Design, Lesson Planning

8. PBS Learning Media

PBS also offers digital resources and professional development courses that empower teachers. PBS connects thousands of classroom teachers, home educators, media specialists and professional development providers with the aim of utilizing digital resources to engage students and transform learning. PBS LearningMedia is free for educators and local teachers can customize the experience to their needs.

Best for: Free Teaching Resources

9. Scholastic Book Clubs

Scholastic Book Clubs are arguably the best resource for high-quality, low-cost books for every grade and interest. Their site has entry points for both teachers and parents. Plus, every parent purchase earns you points to redeem even more classroom resources!

Best for: Books

10. Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle is a video-based platform that allows teachers to upload or choose their own video from YouTube and have students respond accordingly. Teachers can build quizzes or tests around the video and receive immediate results. Edpuzzle also reinforces student accountability by allowing teachers to check if students are watching the videos, how many times they’ve watched each section, and if they’re understanding the content. Perfect for distant learning or 6-12 teachers looking to add more visual media into their lessons.

Best for: Assessments

11. Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to post announcements, and assignments, ask questions, and share resources. With a suite of a number of educational tools, Google Classroom has revolutionized the way so many teachers manage their classrooms. Teachers use a range of digital tools and online applications to enhance students individualized learning journey when either working at school or working from home.

Best for: Collaboration and Communication

12. ClassDojo

A free site that offers many features and platforms to document, manage, and improve student behavior and learning. Contains messaging apps that can be linked to students and families alike, incentivized learning opportunities, and much, much more. Perfect for 6-12 teachers needing a tool to strengthen classroom management and class engagement.

Best for: Classroom

13. Remind

A must-have communication platform that allows teachers to remind students of due dates, certain activities, or important news. Its emphasis on two-way communication makes for straightforward dissemination of updates and important information, and it can also be used to reach out to students’ parents. This is a great tool for 6-12 teachers looking to increase student accountability.

Best for: Parent-Teacher Communication

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