Best Website Builders for Students

The perception that market researchers have found out about the primary weapon in a student or an aspiring professional’s arsenal is not a shining white resume. It is not the artistic fonts or the one-pager summary of achievements that speaks about how an individual is different from the other innumerable skilled faces in the talent pool. A resume is not updateable and becomes outdated as soon as it is given out. That is why in the age of the “web”, where everything is connected, and no one’s disconnected, you can stand out from the maddening crowd, with your website.

Having a personal website is a great way to build up your credit and establish your expertise. It allows the students to be creative and differentiate themselves from others. Employers will see the website and better understand the student’s personal brand. Having a good personal website will help students attract more opportunities for networking.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best website builders available in the market for students.


This is one of the most popular free website building tools available to both novices and experts alike worldwide, with a loyal customer base of greater than 27 million people. It is a free website builder that will help you create your dynamic website. Moreover, with online ventures those are blooming, like e-stores and blogs, or portfolio management services, this is a great platform for one to build an approach to any of them. A great plus for this website builder is the smooth device compatibility. Any website that you build with Webnode will be compliant and compatible with Android, Mac and iOS devices. It is a matter of a few moments for one to set up a device friendly website. The enablers of this great approach are the amazing set of in-house tools like its house editor that comes with a dashboard full of tools for the personal touch of customisations.


This is one of the most popular website builder tools that are available out there. The primary feature of WIX that gives its high popularity index is that it offers you to build HTML5 websites that meld well with search engine requirements. You are probably looking for ease of usage as well as a collection of powerful tools to help you design and customise your website, and WIX has it all. It is user-friendly and offers a host of drag and drop tools for editing and designing websites. Not just that, readymade templates for building websites are also available which are arranged by categories, and all of them are professional in outlook. The other itsy-bitsy offerings come in the form of free website hosting, on the offering of 500 MG storage and default Google Analytics integration.

IM Creator

This is a website service offering for building websites with additional advantages. If you are a budding entrepreneur and you want to start your e-commerce offering, this is the place you choose to visit, since this offers state of the art and professional e-commerce tools along with the option for you to host it. E-commerce comes not just with looks, but presence. IM Creator will help you create your brand, your stage, as it is a complete solution that even a novice with no special application or coding background, can utilise to build an interactive website and get noticed over the web. The one-click approach, combined with an extensive set of image and template, added on with wide customer support has made this viable to innumerable people. On top of that, one would think that with so much to offer, it might not have the standards in ease of usage. On the contrary, it happens to be very user-friendly.


Regarding flexibility and service offerings as a Software as a Service platform, Weebly stands out as one of the best in the market. It boasts of an open-source ecosystem that people will immediately need, and it understands the needs of both a business and a growing startup. Also, it comes handy with both the services of website hosting and will also actually help you get your domain registered. Not only is it entirely equipped with tools for e-commerce friendly website designs, but it also has in-house customer management system tools. One can save one’s valuable time with the user-friendly drag and drop interface. A nice touch for nerds is that they can go old school, and upload hand-coded HTML files to design their websites.

Best Free Website Builders for Students
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Best Free Website Builders for Students
Let’s now take a look at some of the best website builders available in the market for students.
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