Best Online Voice Over Classes

Best voice over acting classes:

  1. Voice Training – 30-Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice (Udemy)
  2. The Complete Audiobook Production and Narration Course (Udemy)
  3. Voice-Over Marketing: Get More Voice Over Jobs in Less Time! (Udemy)
  4. Recording Vocals Like a Pro: Nail Recording Techniques and Acoustics (Skillshare)
  5. Edge Studio Training
  6. Beginner’s Guide To Working As A Voice Artist (Gravy for the Brain)
  7. Tour a Working Voice Artist’s Home Studio/Vocal Booth
  8. Using Yelp To Find Voice Over Courses

1. Voice Training – 30-Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice (Udemy)

Price: $39.99 (sometimes offered at a discount of 72% off = $13.99)
Duration: 30-day training plan that includes 1.5 hours of on-demand video and one article. Full lifetime access.

Do you feel like nobody wants to listen to your voice, even if you have something important to say? These lessons include powerful voice training exercises. This course helps you discover the bad habits and defects that have been holding you back. Learn how to eliminate them to end up with the powerful voice that you deserve. This course was created by Peter Baker who is based in the UK. He has over 40 years’ experience as a voice-over artist and BBC newscaster.

You will learn:

  • To project your voice.
  • To be comfortable in front of an audience.
  • How to deliver powerful speeches.
  • What it takes to get the audience’s attention.
  • How to keep an audience engaged.
  • To create a video that connects with viewers and forces them to take action.

Best for: People who want to optimize the sound of their voice. They can boost their confidence when speaking with other people by having a more powerful voice. This voice training will make others pay attention to what you have to say.

2. The Complete Audiobook Production and Narration Course (Udemy)

Price: $194.99 (sometimes offered at a discount of 93% off = $13.99)
Duration: Course includes 7.5 hours of on-demand video, 25 articles, and 10 downloadable resources. Full lifetime access.

The course is designed for audiobook beginners and those who want to improve the quality of their audiobooks. It teaches the specifics about audiobook production It embraces the newest technology and techniques used to create enhanced performances that attract interest in audiobooks. This course was created by Paul Jenkins. He is an audiobook narrator for audiobooks than sell on Audible. He is also a documentary filmmaker who directed more than 20 films and a writer.

You will learn:

  • Proven techniques used for audiobook production.
  • To create impact and emotions.
  • The psychology behind what makes a certain narration style work better than other styles do.
  • To use flow and structure.
  • How to plan and perform audiobooks.
  • The software and resources needed to produce high-quality audiobooks.

Best for: People who want to make audiobooks and improve the quality of the audiobooks they produce, with the intent to sell them.

3. Voice-Over Marketing: Get More Voice Over Jobs in Less Time! (Udemy)

Price: $39.99 (sometimes offered at a discount of 72% off = $13.99)
Duration: Course includes 2.5 hours of on-demand video, one article, and one downloadable resource. Full lifetime access.

This course gives insider tips on how to be successful as a voice-over recording artist. Learn how to market your voice on “pay to play” websites, using listings in free directories, and through cold calls to prospective clients. This course was created by Peter Baker. Peter made a very successful 40-year career in the UK as a voice-over artist and presenter on the BBC news. He is constantly working on television programs, narration projects, and voice-overs for advertisements.

You will learn:

  • How to network with other successful voice-over professionals to get more work.
  • Where to get exclusive access to a downloadable list of marketing resources, used to find clients.
  • What social media groups to join to build your career.
  • What to say to prospective clients that will land jobs.
  • How to receive updates and ongoing training to stay on the top of your game.
  • The vocabulary and key search terms used by voice-over professionals and clients.

Best for: People who want to actively market their voice-over services. This course is best for those who are confident in their voice-over skills but desire to make more earnings from them.

4. Recording Vocals Like a Pro: Nail Recording Techniques and Acoustics (Skillshare)

Price: Skillshare offers a two-month free trial. After that, the price is $15 per month and discounted with the annual plan for $99 per year ($8.25 per month).

Duration: 17 on-demand video lessons that total 47 minutes. The vocal challenge requires recording your voice before starting and then taking the course lessons over a week and recording your voice again using the techniques learned from the course to understand the differences.

This course was created by Rob M to teach beginners how to record voice-overs that sound great and do not need any further editing before use. Microphone placement and room acoustics are discussed. Rob is an audio-visual engineer, a musician, and a video producer.

You will learn:

  • The importance of acoustics.
  • How to manage room acoustics and sound reflections.
  • How to choose a microphone.
  • All about mic placement and pop filter screens.
  • Sound isolation and advanced recording techniques.
  • The ultimate free technique to improve your voice quality and voice-overs.

Best for: Beginners who need to learn basic recording techniques for voice-overs.

5. Edge Studio Training

Price: Full-training with five coaching sessions and one demo is $2,300. With two demos and ten coaching sessions is $3,600. A la carte classes are $99 to get started and then $60 each. Demo preparation is $170 and demo recording is $1,200. All classes and private training is conducted online.

Duration: Training is a customized program, which proceeds at the student’s pace. Dedicated students can complete the classes and program with only five coaching sessions. However, most students need ten coaching sessions to be able to get through the materials properly.

Classes are taught by two dozen industry professionals with significant industry experience. The design of this program is comprehensive and includes vocal coaching plus all that is needed to learn to work for pay in the voice-over business.

You will learn:

  • Voice-over techniques.
  • Marketing tips.
  • How to build a home studio.
  • Business and money.
  • How to maintain good vocal health.
  • How not to embarrass yourself.

Best for: Those who wish to investigate the profession by taking just an introductory voice-over class for newcomers to learn about opportunities and determine their potential. The full-course curriculum is for those who are serious about having a career as a voice-over artist. For more experienced professionals, there is a private, voice-over evaluation offered.

6. Beginner’s Guide To Working As A Voice Artist (Gravy for the Brain)

Price: The introductory webinar is free. Online classes and other offerings are available for the monthly subscription price of 35 Euros (US$39)

Duration: Monthly subscription.

This training system and career platform were created by voice/casting director, Hugh Edwards, and UK voice-over talent, Peter Dickson, who is the voice of Live at the Apollo and is The X Factor narrator. Peter’s voice has been used in over 30,000 television and radio commercials.

You will learn:

  • Where to find voice-over work.
  • How to uncover your perfect voice-over style.
  • To set up an affordable home studio.
  • To get the attention of casting directors.
  • How to work on voice-overs, as a part-time gig, or as a full-time career.
  • The techniques to use to build your vocal confidence.

Best for: Anyone, at any level, who wants to learn more about voice-overs and also, for those more serious ones who wish to continue with professional development to advance their career as a voice-over professional.

7. Use YouTube to Learn More about Home Recording for Voice-Overs

YouTube is an excellent free resource for those who want to learn more about voice-over recording. There is a YouTube playlist by Booth Junkie that has 22 videos about home recording of voice-overs.

From watching this YouTube video you will learn:

  • How to set up a home studio for voice recording.
  • All the equipment you will need.
  • How to work with sound-deadening material and acoustics.
  • How to build a comfortable layout.

Other topics covered on this video playlist include:

  • Tips on editing.
  • How to use equalization.
  • Making a voice sound cleaner by using a noise gate.
  • Creating a high-quality podcast using Skype.
  • Using audio compression to improve the sound.
  • Creating your first voice-over demo reel and much more.

Best for: Anyone who is serious about doing voice-over work for a career and wants to use a home studio for recording their voice.

8. Using Yelp To Find Voice Over Courses

Yelp is a good resource for those looking to find voice over courses offered in their local area. It has listings and user reviews to give you a good idea of what you may experience if you attend specific classes and courses offered in the area where you live. Just search for the keyword phrase of “voice-over classes” and put in the location where you want to find courses.

Best for: This is an excellent resource to use for those who prefer in-person training and can go to a local school or recording studio for the classes held near where they live.

Voice-over training is an exceptional way to start a new career that is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, or location. There are enormous opportunities in traditional media and ever-expanding digital content.

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